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College Crosse Week 5 Top 20.

Time to sort everything out!

The Copeland By-election Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images

We’re back with this week’s installment of the College Crosse Top 20. You can find a link to last week’s post here. It was another wild weekend which saw more top 10 teams fall including the number 1 team for the second week in a row. Let’s sort everything out! To the Big Board!

College Crosse Week 5 Top 20.

Rank Adam Epstein Chris Jastrzembski Ryan McDonnell Rank Safe Marisa Jake DLB
Rank Adam Epstein Chris Jastrzembski Ryan McDonnell Rank Safe Marisa Jake DLB
1 Denver Penn State Penn State 1 Penn State Maryland Penn State Penn State
2 Penn State Maryland Denver 2 Denver Denver Notre Dame Denver
3 Rutgers Denver Notre Dame 3 Notre Dame ND Maryland Notre Dame
4 Notre Dame Rutgers Maryland 4 Rutgers Rutgers Denver Maryland
5 Maryland Notre Dame Rutgers 5 Maryland Penn State Rutgers Rutgers
6 Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse 6 Syracuse Syracuse Ohio State Syracuse
7 Albany Albany Albany 7 Albany Towson Syracuse Boston
8 BU Boston University Ohio State 8 Ohio State Albany Albany Albany
9 Ohio State Towson North Carolina 9 Towson BU Army Hofstra
10 Towson North Carolina Towson 10 Hostra Duke BU Towson
11 North Carolina Ohio State BU 11 Duke North Carolina Hofstra Virginia
12 Duke Virginia Duke 12 UNC Virginia Duke Army
13 Hofstra Hofstra Hofstra 13 BU Hofstra North Carolina Duke
14 Virginia Duke Virginia 14 UVA Ohio State Richmond Johns Hopkins
15 Johns Hopkins Army West Point Johns Hopkins 15 Johns Hopkins Hopkins Towson UNC
16 Army Princeton Richmond 16 Army Army Princeton Loyola
17 Princeton Johns Hopkins Army 17 Princeton Richmond Johns Hopkins Stony Brook
18 Loyola Loyola Princeton 18 Michigan Princeton Michigan Richmond
19 Richmond Richmond Loyola 19 Loyola Loyola Penn Princeton
20 Michigan I hate my life, Michigan Penn 20 Richmond Michigan Virginia Ohio State


Safe: No comments from me this week, as I will save them for the aggregation post. Just a heads up though, our man Joe was unable to get his ballot in on time this week but he’ll provide some polling banter in his upcoming post for the site. Also Here are a couple Tweets from FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES mocking my poll.