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College Crosse Week 4 Top 20.

Everyone lost this weekend! Time to sort everything out!

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We’re back with this week’s installment of the College Crosse Top 20. You can find a link to last week’s post here. Our man Jason blessed us with a great piece about his Week 4 Media Poll which you can find here.

It was another wild weekend, with more than a handful of top 10 teams going down. Let’s sort everything out! To the Big Board!

College Crosse Week 4 Top 20.

Rank Adam Epstein Chris Jastrzembski Marisa Ryan McDonnell Rank Jake Nazar Safe Fekadu DLB Joe Keegan
Rank Adam Epstein Chris Jastrzembski Marisa Ryan McDonnell Rank Jake Nazar Safe Fekadu DLB Joe Keegan
1 Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame 1 Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame
2 Maryland Penn State Maryland Penn State 2 Penn State Penn State Maryland Maryland
3 Penn State Maryland UNC Maryland 3 Maryland Maryland Penn State Denver
4 North Carolina North Carolina Penn State UNC 4 Denver UNC UNC Penn State
5 Denver Denver Syracuse Denver 5 Syracuse Denver Denver UNC
6 Rutgers Loyola Denver Syracuse 6 North Carolina Syracuse Syracuse Johns Hopkins
7 Syracuse Syracuse Rutgers Rutgers 7 Rutgers Rutgers Johns Hopkins Rutgers
8 Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins Loyola Johns Hopkins 8 Ohio State Johns Hopkins Loyola Syracuse
9 Albany Albany Albany Albany 9 Johns Hopkins Loyola Boston Virginia
10 Loyola Rutgers Hopkins Loyola 10 Loyola Albany Rutgers Albany
11 BU Yale Yale Yale 11 Albany Ohio State Albany Loyola
12 Ohio State Boston University Virginia Virginia 12 Army UVA Virginia Ohio State
13 Virginia Virginia Ohio State Penn 13 Penn BU Stony Brook Richmond
14 Yale Towson Towson BU 14 Virginia Army Towson Boston University
15 Towson Ohio State BU Ohio State 15 Yale Stony Brook Penn Princeton
16 Army Penn Duke Towson 16 Richmond Yale Army Yale
17 Penn Duke Penn State Duke 17 Stony Brook Towson Ohio State Army
18 Richmond Richmond Richmond Richmond 18 BU Princeton Duke Duke
19 Princeton Stony Brook Army Army 19 Towson Penn Richmond Stony Brook
20 Duke Army Stony Brook Stony Brook 20 Duke Duke Princeton Penn

Adam: #1 Notre Dame—If you like goals, look away, but the Irish defense looked fantastic this weekend. "Run DMC" couldn't get anything going against Epple, Sexton, and company. I'm still unconvinced they'll be able to score goals against good teams but for now, they default into the #1 spot after a bunch of top teams lost.

#3 Penn State—The Nittany Lions did something they haven't yet had to do this season: Come from behind and win. They did just that against a good Penn team on Saturday. 5-0 with an electric offense, they're #3 for now but their upcoming schedule is a bit of a cakewalk, so they may drop as other teams play tougher opponents.

#6 Rutgers—This bona fide lacrosse school is 5-0 with solid wins over Army, Fairfield, and Brown. Offense looks fine without Charalambides but the story for them has been their excellent defense.

#8 Johns Hopkins—The Jays laid an egg at Princeton this week. They weren't prepared and took a very talented Tigers team for granted. But they're still a top 10 squad, and their pair of wins over UNC and Loyola is still the most impressive resume of any team.

#11 BU—The Terriers are 6-0 with wins over Air Force, Bryant, Navy, and Providence. They've yet to allow double-digit goals. Explain to me how they're not in a lot of people's top 15? That's a borderline top 10 resume at this point in the season.

#14 Yale—Even with Reeves, they couldn't get the job done at home against Bryant. What happened? Suddenly they're 1-2 and have yet to notch a significant win. Their very light non-conference schedule doesn't give them many opportunities at good wins. Going to have to earn it in league play.

#19 Princeton—I know, Hofstra beat them, but Princeton's win over Hopkins may have been the most impressive, statement win of the season by any team. Sims and Sons are for real.

Safe: No comments from me this week as I will save them for the aggregation post but here are a couple funny Tweets from Ryan about Hopkins’ bad loss to Princeton.

You gotta laugh through the pain.