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College Crosse Game Day Episode 2

Wake up, it’s College Crosse Game Day!

North Carolina v Virginia
I’m as excited as Rece Davis.
Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

We were renewed for a second episode. Shocking, right?

But we’re back, with less technical difficulties and still one person doing everything. Hopefully the latter changes soon. But for the meantime, enjoy this week’s episode of College Crosse Game Day! The actual show begins around 7:30, and if there’s any difficulties in the stream, we apologize, but I’m doing this in a basement of my apartment building I’m in, which has decent connection.

It's another edition of College Crosse Game Day with Chris Jastrzembski!

Posted by College Crosse on 18hb Februari 2017

Make sure you check out the Big Board for everything you need to know about today’s games!

If you have any recommendations on what we can do better or any ideas or additions, by all means let us know! It was hard to do as a lone wolf making the Powerpoint slides (s/o Vince Quinn for the format), as well talking and making this thing go an actual hour. But hey, #WeMadeIt!

Follow us on Facebook later today, as the Facebook Live streams will continue with my live pregame show from the Carrier Dome before Albany and Syracuse square off. That should go up at around 2:40ish.