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College Crosse Prospectus - February 15, 2017: Maryland, Stony Brook, & High Point Win, New Crossecast.

All the lacrosse news you can handle!

Blyth Tall Ships Regatta Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation!! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here are your links for February 15, 2017.

College Crosse News.

We taped another Crossecast last night! We hope you enjoy the banter & Valentine’s Day shout outs!

In the three games yesterday Maryland, Stony Brook, & High Point all went home with the W. Our boy Chris did a great roundup of all the Tuesday night’s action here.
(Ed. Note: You are all on notice!)

Fox6 News in Milwaukee does a post on Marquette’s “Lucky to Win a Game” documentary.

The Daily Pennsylvanian (student newspaper at Univ. of Penn.) with a great article about the wonderful work that the Penn women’s lacrosse team is doing off the field.

Across all sports, it’s almost a universal rule: you never want to look too far ahead.

But for Penn women’s lacrosse, there are times when a future-minded approach is the only way to go.

Accompanied by Penn’s track and field and men’s lacrosse squads, the team is in its third year working with Young Quakers Community Athletics, an after-school sports program that pairs Penn athletes with students from a trio of local middle schools.

“I love it because it makes an impact on their lives, and at the same time, they impact our lives so much,” freshman defender Teia Ross said. “Seeing how excited the kids are to come and hang out with us, making really personal relationships with all the kids — they really start to trust the Big Quakers, and it’s great to see that.”

Here’s the Johns Hopkins women's lacrosse 2017 preview.

Our man Edward Lee of the Baltimore Sun with a post on Towson’s goalie situation: Towson lacrosse down to two candidates for starting goalie in Saturday's opener.

But Nadelen said Monday that he is not stressed about making a decision just days before Towson’s first game of the year.

“I’m not overly concerned that we don’t have a clear-cut starter right now,” he said. “I’d be overly concerned if all three goalies were not playing well and we were banging our heads against the wall and trying to figure out how we’re going to cover up that position. I think we have really competitive and good options in the cage, and we’re going to continue to evaluate just as we do with all of our positions and see what the best plan is for us.”

Nice article on the Salisbury Seagulls.

The last time the Sea Gulls took the field in men’s lacrosse, they hoisted head coach Jim Berkman’s eleventh national title in Philadelphia.

This season, Salisbury returns with the same goal at the forefront, but this time Boston is potentially the final destination in late May. Despite many new faces joining the flock, a veteran core returns for the Gulls this season.

A few transfers, young talent and that same veteran core will seek to replace and replicate the production of last year’s out-going senior class. Notable names that departed include attackman Brady Dasheill, middy James Burton, and middy Davis Anderson among others. Also departing are two of Salisbury’s top leaders in Co-National: Player of the Year Preston Dabbs and Midfielder of the Year Tom Cirillo, who both join the coaching ranks alongside coach Berkman this season.

You are going to want to read this article on LeMoyne men’s lacrosse head coach Dan Sheehan.

Sheehan had no desire to coach. He actually was planning on being a stockbroker. But he asked Lynch if he needed someone to help warm up the goalies.

Not someone to actually assume the full role of shooting on the goalies, of course. Just someone to help with that task. And for no pay, of course.

Lynch could have easily brushed aside Sheenan's friendly offer. But instead, he invited Sheehan to come out to practice whenever he wanted.

And in doing so, he altered the life of Sheehan and the course of Le Moyne College lacrosse forever.

Nobody could have seen it at the time, but Lynch was just a few months away from dying of cancer at age 28. And his kindness toward Sheehan got rolling an improbable sequence of events that put the man who didn't even want to coach the sport in charge of what would eventually be one of its most successful programs.

We did our first 2017 aggregation of the the major polls.

What’s Up, Philly?

Philly might be getting a little bigger soon as the city wants to buy 136 acres in Tinicum Township to expand the Philadelphia International Airport.

The City of Philadelphia wants to acquire 136 acres in Tinicum Township, Delaware County, as part of a long-range expansion of the Philadelphia International Airport.

But the purchase price of the parcels, known as the Henderson Tract, is the subject of a dispute and litigation in Delaware County Court of Common Pleas.

City Council has introduced a bill to acquire the land, which is owned by the Henderson family and the related businesses of the late Wilbur C. Henderson, and his son, David Sr., who died in 1999.

World/National News.

Maybe Indiana Jones should fly commercial from now on?: “Harrison Ford nearly crashes his plane AGAIN, this time into a Boeing 737 with 110 passengers on board”.

BRILLIANT strategy: “Teen give Valentines, chocolates to all 571 girls in his school.”

Your GIF for February 15, 2017: Is this masseuse licensed?

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