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COLLEGE CROSSECAST EP. 37: The Kind Of Sort Of Not Really Valentine’s Special

The gang’s all here to break down last week’s action and get you all ready for the first full weekend of the lacrosse season.

Aston Villa v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League
BRING BACK TOTTENHAM GARETH BALE. Okay, this was also the only thing I can really match for Valentine’s Day.
Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day. If you did something fun last night, take solace in the fact you didn’t record a podcast on lacrosse. We did. But quite frankly, we might have had more fun than you did and spent a lot less money to boot.

Either way, it’s a brand spanking new Crossecast as I’m joined by Safe and Chris to talk all about the past week in lacrosse. We start off with Chris’ terrible admission of not getting a classic Simpsons gag from a classic Simpsons episode, move on to the past week of games that saw some thrillers and surprises such as Monmouth’s upset over Villanova (2:50), and then take a peek at the first polls of the season as well as breaking down our own (46:00). We also get you all set for the first full weekend of action as the Ivies, Notre Dame, and others get their first games of the season in (59:30), plus we play some pick-em and upset alerts for the weekend’s big games (80:20). Whether it’s the Charles Street Derby (author and executive podcast producer’s note: yes, I’m still making the English soccer local rivalry nomonclature of “Derby” a thing), the Tambroni Bowl, or Albany-Syracuse, we’ve got you covered!

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