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Report: Air Force has seniors, juniors, entire coaching staff suspended

Freshmen and sophomores are not suspended and can practice informally.

Team DMI

UPDATE: We’ve learned more about the suspensions, thanks to Western New York lacrosse:


Last week, we learned details regarding a possible investigation of members of the Air Force Falcons men’s lacrosse team.

Earlier today, we brought you more info about the investigation, which included new details of players and coaches being suspended.

We’re learning more about who got suspended, and it looks like it’s huge. KRDO NewsChannel 13 in Colorado Springs has obtained details of the investigation, which include hazing, bullying, abusive sexual contact, and drug use involving the team.

Additionally, Terry Foy of Inside Lacrosse has found out that members of the senior and junior classes, including the entire coaching staff led by head coach Eric Seremet, have been suspended. Foy also learned that freshmen and sophomores are not suspended and can practice informally.

There are 11 members of the senior class and 12 members of the junior class, which includes Nick Hruby, Grant Gould, Chris Walsch, and Trent Harper. 33 players are freshmen or sophomores.

A spokesman for the Academy’s athletic department gave IL this statement:

Last week we announced that there was an ongoing investigation into the conduct of several individuals on the Academy's Lacrosse team.

Based on preliminary indications, some members of the team and coaches have been put into an inactive status and will not participate in group lacrosse activities or inter-collegiate competition, until further notice. These actions are effective today and may be revisited as the investigation progresses.

Because that investigation is ongoing, we cannot disclose any further information.

The Air Force Academy holds its cadets, staff and faculty to the highest standards of conduct because our nation demands it of us and it's the right thing to do. Taking care of each other is one of our top priorities and we go to great lengths to provide a culture rooted in the core principles of human dignity and respect.

Looking at their roster now, Air Force can still field a team if all the seniors and juniors are suspended. How they would fare is another question.

I’m not sure what will happen next, but we should learn more when the investigation concludes, whenever that happens.

With this kind serious investigation and how many players and staff have been reportedly suspended, major changes are probably expected. Is Seremet on his way out even after leading Air Force to two SoCon titles? Could the entire coaching staff leave as well? How many players are kicked off the team (and maybe expelled from the Academy)? And maybe the biggest one, could their season be cancelled?

All we can do is speculate for the time being. If more info comes along, we’ll bring it to you.