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College Crosse Prospectus - September 3, 2016: Hero Cradles Alligator With Lacrosse Stick & Saves Town, Paul Carcaterra’s In Dublin, Ireland.

Unusual lacrosse related “Ask Amy” question, Kyle Turri to Binghamton, & plenty more!!

Blyth Tall Ships Regatta Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here are your links for September 3, 2016.

College Crosse News.

When an alligator was spotted walking around a neighborhood, this Collegeville, PA resident grabbed his lacrosse stick, scooped it up like a ground ball, and secured it until animal control and police arrived.

Our boy Paul Carcaterra is in Dublin, Ireland for the Georgia Tech vs. Boston College game. It’s raining.

BOSS McKeown at Binghamton brings on former Duke star goalie Kyle Turri an assistant coach. (H/T @Horton1733)

Former Stony Brook associate head coach, Caitlin Defliese, joined the Syracuse University women's lacrosse program as an assistant coach.

High school girl’s lacrosse to have new draw rules in 2017.

Effective for the 2017 high school girls' season, players below both restraining lines during the draw can no longer cross into the middle third of the field until possession has been won by one of the six players (three per team) in or on the circle. This rule will eliminate the scrum in the center circle where numerous players would fight for the ball, either in the air or on the ground, in close proximity of each other.

Lacrosse mom sends a question which was featured on “Ask Amy” .... and oh #boy it was a doozy.

Here’s a summary of the question: “My 19-year-old son used to play high school lacrosse. There is one super fan, a man around 50 years old, who has befriended some of the players and flies them across the country on trips.”

What’s Up, Philly?

YOU’VE GONE TOO FAR, HERMINE!!: Hurricane Hermine forces the cancellation of the Blink 182 beach concert in Atlantic City.

World/National News.

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits Northern Oklahoma.

A café in Spain will charge you more or less depending on how polite you are when ordering.

Your GIF for September 3, 2016: This one deserved a video instead of just a GIF. Professor said the entire class would get a 100 if our man in the video makes this shot from the balcony level across the room. This is how legends are made.

That’s it for today!! I’ll see you out there!!