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Hero Lacrosse Player Cradles Wandering Alligator With Stick, Saves Town.

See you later, alligator!!

The Honda Classic - Preview Day 3 Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images

So what would you do if you saw an alligator just walking around your town? Most people would probably call animal control or run and hide. (Ed. Note: I wouldn’t judge you if you did the latter.)

Well one Collegeville, PA resident sprung into action, grabbed his lacrosse stick, scooped up the gator like a loose ground ball, and saved his town from the intruding reptile. Here’s a short segment from CBS 3 in Philadelphia about the whole ordeal.

The gator was spotted early in the morning by our hero’s mother. Mom saw the alligator in the backyard and called the police to assist in getting the little guy off their property. Here’s a bit more about the story from

Collegeville Police Officer Matt Cubbler could not believe his ears when the emergency dispatcher asked him to respond to an animal complaint.

"The resident would like the alligator removed from their property," the dispatcher said.

"Did she just say alligator?" Cubbler recalled thinking.

The scaly creature was found about 8:45 a.m. Thursday in the 200 block of Freeland Drive.

Here’s where the story gets really good.

The son of the woman who called into police was on his way to work when his headlights caught the gator walking across the road, Cubbler said.

"He comes running into her asking for his lacrosse stick and a blanket," said Cubbler.

By the time Cubbler arrived on scene, the alligator had been snagged in the lacrosse stick and placed in a small dog crate, he said.

"There wasn't, like, this standoff between me and an alligator and I had to wrestle it into a cage," he said.

Police believe someone might’ve released the little fella into a nearby creek.

Crazy story, huh? Luckily this kid was around. They better give him a key to the city or something. Not all heroes wear capes.