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College Crosse 2017 Scouting Report: Dartmouth Big Green.


Stand up, Hanover!!
Stand up, Hanover!!
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As part of our offseason we are doing an early 2017 scouting report on every D1 team. Our last one was on the VMI Keydets! We're doing our list from the bottom to the top, so our fourth report is on last year's 67th ranked RPI team, Dartmouth!!

Dartmouth Big Green.

Profile: I Can't really sugarcoat it, 2016 was a step backwards for the Big Green. No one will ever confuse Dartmouth's history with Princeton or Cornell, but there were several years in the last decade when Dartmouth was quite competitive. Dartmouth's last .500 season was in 2008, but from 05-12, Dartmouth won at least 5 games 6 times, with back-to-back 8-4 seasons in '05 & '06. This is not a program that doesn't have a history of competitive play. Nevertheless, aside from last year's 5-8 campaign, Dartmouth has won six games since 2013.

2016 Record: Last season was not easy on the lads, as Dartmouth finished the year 1-13. As mentioned above, Dartmouth was a little frisky in 2015, and even had a W over Harvard that shocked the lax world. Big things weren't expected exactly, but there was a little chatter about Dartmouth going into 2016. Last season was a step back for a program that seemed to be going in the right direction in 2015, especially after Dartmouth won 5 games in 2013 & 2014, combined.

Roster: Dartmouth lost 8 seniors to graduation last May. Dartmouth will miss Cam Lee's 9 points and KC Beard's 10, but for the most part, the seniors who graduated last month contributed sparingly on the stat sheet. The bulk of Dartmouth's point production will return next season.

Dartmouth's main scorers last year were a pair of rising juniors in Jack Korzelius and Richie Loftus, and rising senior Wiley Osborne. Osborne led Dartmouth with 33 points (20 Gs & 13 As), while Korzelius and Loftus were 2nd and 3rd, with 24 and 19 total points, respectively (17 Gs & 7 As for Korzelius and 16 Gs & 3 As for Loftus).

Korzelius and Loftus did not play in all 14 of Dartmouth's games in 2016. Loftus started only 10 games, while Korzelius started once and played in only 13 games in 2016.  Should both players develop in the offseason, and play alongside Osborne for an entire season, Dartmouth may very well have a little something next season.

Conference: Dartmouth was last in the Ivy last year and the conference should only get better next year as both Shay and Tiffany are staying at Yale & Brown, respectively. While the top of the Ivy might be too good for the Big Green right now, if Dartmouth could just be a bit more competitive with teams 4-6, they have a chance at an Ivy Tournament bid.

The Ivy was very good last season, but 3 conference wins was all you needed for 4th in the Ivy in 2016. It's not out of the realm of possibility that if Dartmouth plays in 2017, like they did in 2015 when they beat Harvard, lost at Penn by 3, and kept Cornell to 8 goals, that the Big Green could have a shot at an Ivy Tournament bid late into the season.

What are they doing this summer: The team is hosting an overnight prospect camp in late June/early July.

2017 outlook: I am going to go with 4 wins for the Big Green next year. They have some pieces at Dartmouth. Additionally, with only 6 rising seniors on the squad, there is a lot of playing time available for the rising sophomores and incoming freshmen. Should a couple guys make a sophomore leap and a couple freshmen contribute next season, Dartmouth should be more competitive in their games and see more Ws in 2017.

Non-Sequitor: Dartmouth's unofficial mascot is Keggy the Keg.