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The Big BBQ Game Day Links & Attachments For May 22, 2016: The Columbus Regional Finals.

North Carolina vs. Notre Dame and Loyola vs. Towson!!

And we have liftoff!
And we have liftoff!
NASA/Getty Images

I love this video so much. When you are battling to see who eats first, always go with paper.

The Big BBQ Columbus Regional Finals
Time Game TV
12:00 Notre Dame vs. North Carolina ESPN2
2:30 Towson vs. Loyola ESPNU

The Skittles Scale. (Ed. Note: For information/entertainment purposes only! #WeDoNotEndorseGambling!!)

College Crosse Preview

Pièces Jointes.

I'll be around here and on Twitter all day. Can't wait for everything to get started. I'll see you out there.

Let's go with Mariah for the song of the day.