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Chalk vs. Havenots.

How have the top seeds fared in the Big BBQ over the last 10 years? Well let's find out!!

Chalk's been weak lately.
Chalk's been weak lately.
Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Shout out our people GRINDING on Wikipedia for creating/updating the NCAA D1 Men's Lacrosse Championship page with the results from every NCAA Tournament.  We salute you! I can't wait to see the finished 2016 page.

Quick notes:

  • Italicized teams made the title game.
  • Italicized & Bolded teams won the title.
  • Teams without a number next to them in the "#5+ seed" column  were unseeded.
  • Teams in ( ) are top 4 seeds who didn't make the Final Four. I included the round they were knocked out in as well.
Chalk vs. Havenots
Year #1 Seed #2 Seed #3 Seed #4 Seed #5+ Seed
2006 Virginia Maryland (Hofstra QF RD) (Johns Hopkins University QF RD) #5 Syracuse,  Massachusetts
2007 Duke (Virginia 1st RD) Johns Hopkins University Cornell Delaware
2008 Duke Virginia Syracuse (North Carolina 1st RD) #5 Johns Hopkins University
2009 Virginia Syracuse Duke (Princeton QF RD) #5 Cornell
2010 Virginia (Syracuse 1st RD) (Maryland QF) (North Carolina QF RD)

#5 Duke,
#7 Cornell,
Notre Dame

2011 (Syracuse QF) (Cornell QF) (Johns Hopkins University QF) (Notre Dame QF) #5 Duke,
#6 Denver,
#7 Virginia,
2012 Loyola (Johns Hopkins University QF) Duke Notre Dame Maryland
2013 Syracuse (Notre Dame QF) (Ohio State QF) Denver #7 Duke,
2014 Duke (Syracuse 1st RD) (Loyola 1st RD) (Penn 1st RD) #5 Denver,
#6 Notre Dame
#7 Maryland
2015 Notre Dame (Syracuse QF RD) (North Carolina QF) Denver #6 Maryland,
Johns Hopkins University

So what did we find out!

  • The Crown. 3 top seeds have won the title in the last 10 years. Two of those champions were unstoppable forces, 17-0 Virginia in 2006 and 18-1 Loyola in 2012.  Duke wasn't too shabby in 2014 when they went 17-3 to win it all though! Additionally, aside from Syracuse in 2011, every other top seed made it at least to the Final Four the last 10 years. 

  • Wait a second. The story is not as pleasant for the #2 seed the last 10 years. Only three #2 seeds have made it to the Final Four in the last ten years, and only one of those (Syracuse 2009) won the title. Indeed, recently things have been pretty bad as a #2 seed has not made the Final Four since 2009.

    (Ed. Note: Denver Pioneers right now)

  • Three seeds. The decade started out great for #3 seeds, as they either won the title or got to the Final Four 3 out of 4 years from 2006-2009. However after that it gets a bit grim. Only one #3 seed (Duke 2012) has made the Final Four since 2009 (Duke 2009).

  • Four Seeds. It actually hasn't been that bad for 4 seeds the last few years. #4 seeds didn't do so hot from 2006-2011,when only one #4 seed made the Final Four (Cornell 2007), however, recently the results have not been so bad. Over the last four years, the #4 seed has at least made the Final Four 3 times. Additionally, Denver won it all last year as a four seed, making them only the third #4 seed to win a NCAA title.  (Ed. Note: The other two #4 seeds Champions? Syracuse in 2004 and Johns Hopkins University in 1987. Shout out to #TheDuopoly!!)    

  • 5-7s! Lower seeded teams have actually done pretty well the last 10 years. #5 seeds have made six Final Fours in the last 10 years, more than any other seed besides the #1 seeds. Most of that work was done between 2006-2011 though, when the #5 seed made the Final Four five times.

    #6 & #7 seeds have made the Final Four three out of the last five Final Fours, and did quite well once they got to Championship Weekend. #6 seeds have made it to the title game the last two years, and #7 seeds have won the whole thing twice in the last five years. Last year was the first time since 2010 that a #7 or #1 didn't win the title.

  • No Soup for 8s! A number 8 seed hasn't been to the final four in the last 10 years. The last #8 seed to make the Final Four was Syracuse in 1999 when the Orange made it all the way to the title game.

  • HAVENOTS!! Being unseeded doesn't preclude a team from crashing the party on Championship Weekend. Indeed, the last six years, five unseeded teams have made it to the Final Four. Most of these scrappy party-crashes were big name programs, so it's not like the Final Four has been inundated with Cinderellas. Regardless, an unseeded big time program might not be a bad sleeper pick this year.
Obviously, I'm just a member of the Elite East Coast Media HUMBLE Philadelphia blogger, so take everything above with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, it does appear that #1, #6, #7 seeds have done quite well the last handful of years. Now that doesn't mean #1 Maryland, #6 Loyola, and #7 Marquette are locks to make the Final Four, but it wouldn't shock me if some combination of, or all three of them, made it to Philly in a couple weeks. Furthermore, an unseeded team has made the Final Four five out of the last six years, so I wouldn't be surprised if a team like unseeded Duke made a run this year as well.

I wish I did this post before we did our brackets on Sunday!! Anyway, the fun begins tomorrow and really gets going on Saturday. We'll have our answers soon enough.