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The College Crosse Aggregation Of Week 2 Polls For February 23, 2016.

The higher up the polls you go, the more problems you see.

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Let's go to the Big Board!
(Ed. Note: Bolded teams are College Crosse Big Board Certified Dimes (®).

College Crosse Aggregation of Week 2 Polls for February 23, 2016.
Rank Lacrosse Magazine USILA Poll Doc_Lunbox Inside Lacrosse Eri_Barrister
1 Notre Dame Denver Denver Notre Dame Denver
2 Denver Notre Dame Syracuse Denver Notre Dame
3 Duke Duke Notre Dame Syracuse Maryland
4 Maryland Syracuse Maryland Maryland Syracuse
5 Syracuse Maryland Duke Duke Loyola
6 Loyola Loyola Loyola Loyola Duke
7 Johns Hopkins Yale Yale Yale Yale
8 Yale Johns Hopkins Brown Brown
(Tied for 8th w/JHU)
9 Brown Brown Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins
(Tied for 8th w/Brown)

Johns Hopkins
10 Virginia North Carolina North Carolina Virginia Towson
11 Hofstra Virginia Georgetown North Carolina North Carolina
12 North Carolina Hofstra Penn State Penn State Navy
13 Towson Towson Albany Hofstra Georgetown
14 Georgetown Harvard Navy Towson Virginia
15 Navy Penn State Towson Harvard Penn State
16 Penn State Navy Stony Brook Navy Albany
17 Albany Georgetown Marquette Georgetown OHIO STATE :)
18 Marquette Albany Hofstra Albany Stony Brook
19 Stony Brook Stony Brook Princeton Cornell Bucknell
20 Harvard Bucknell Bucknell Bucknell Hofstra

Good problems.

As we said last week just getting on the Big Board is a major accomplishment. Even if you are on only one poll, you are on the College Crosse Guest List (®) and it's great to see you up there.

However, once you're at the table, you got to hold it down! Opponents are going to let all their hitters out once they see a number next to your name. But as Marlo always used to say, that sounds like one of them good problems! Let them come, it's your time to wear the crown!


I see you, Buckeyes!! I get it, some don't believe OSU is a top 20 team. But I thought a 7 position drop was enough. OSU had a bit of an up and down season last year and lost to Detroit early in 2015. However, the Buckeyes also went on to beat Duke, Denver, Maryland, and Johns Hopkins, something no other team did in 2015. Last season is over and all, but I just point that out to demonstrate that one early road loss is not cause to burn it all down.

UNC lost to Hofstra at home and is still in the top 11, which I agree with, but I also believe Ohio State merits the same consideration. Their L was on the road, which was the 2nd away game out of 3 for the Buckeyes.  Both UNC & OSU lost to a CAA opponent that was not on anyone's radar, much like Hopkins did against Towson last year, and I am not in a rush to throw OSU off my poll just yet.

If the Buckeyes lose this this week, or someone does something that demands recognition, they'll be off my poll next Sunday. However, I want to give them one more week at least. Hahaha .... nevertheless, I can feel you all judging me and it hurts!

The #HaveNots.

We've been trying to tell you that this season is going to be LIT as this should be a very entertaining season. The #HaveNots are storming the top 20 gates and last weekend saw 3 major upsets.  Teams like Stony Brook, Hofstra, and Bucknell, are getting a great deal of shine right now, but waiting in line for their moment in the sun on the Big Board are teams like Hartford, Richmond, and a school in New Jersey (looks at notes) oh yes,  RRRRRRUUUUUTTTTGGGGEEEERRRRRSSSSSS!!

The Scarlet Knights (Ed. Note:  Scarlett Sundays effect!!)  out of New Brunswick are 2-0 and Jimmy is LOVING IT! I know because I asked him for his thoughts on Rutgers' fast start on Sunday when he stopped by the NEW College Crosse Country Club in Bergen County, NJ, for a College CrosseTV segment set to air in May.

Spoiler alert! Mr. Delany is quite pleased with Rutgers.


Anyway, that's it for this week's Aggregation. Ryan and I are taping the Crossecast tonight so let us know your thoughts on the polls or anything you read in the Summation. Also before I forget send us your favorite running songs for tonight's Crossecast.