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The College Crosse Game Day Open Thread For February 20, 2016.

Huge day today, Nation! All 4 #PhillyFour teams finally come out to play in 2016. This calls for TWO Big Boards! Let's Get it!

You can't have a lit lacrosse season without Philly!! #DrexelVillanovaStJoesPennPlayToday!!!!
You can't have a lit lacrosse season without Philly!! #DrexelVillanovaStJoesPennPlayToday!!!!
William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

I don't mean to gloat (Ed. Note: Yes I do) but it'll be right around 60 degrees in Philly today!! That's BBQ weather .... BIG BBQ weather if you will. I saw a ton of "Lacrosse must start in March!@#!" #HotTakes last week ..... but today ...

It'll probably snow on Sunday after I said all that. But let's eat, watch lax, and be thankful for the beautiful spring-like day today! Let's go to the Big Board(s).

(Ed Note: As always, all rankings based off the USILA/BOSSES Poll.)

Philly Board. February 20, 2016.
Team Game Stream/TV/Stats Link
11:00 Lehigh vs. Furman SoCon Digital Network
12:00 Villanova vs. 17 Harvard Ivy League Digital Network ($$)
12:00 Bucknell vs Fairfield Fairfield Stags TV ($$)
1:00 14 Virginia vs Drexel Drexel TV
1:00 VMI vs. St. Joe's NEC Front Row
3:00 20 Penn State vs. 18 Cornell Ivy League Digital Network ($$)
3:00 Michigan vs. Penn Ivy League Digital Network ($$)

*Please advise if any streaming links are broken or you spot incorrect game information, as I will update accordingly. Thank you in advance for any tips!*

(Ed. Note: We got a Philly Board now!  I know! Isn't it awesome?!
*Ducks flying fruit from Long Island crowd.*
I'll take all questions in the comments section!)

Philly Board College Crosse Games Of The Day.

  • 11:00 Lehigh v. Furman. Great way to kick off the day. This one has major Crossecast bragging rights on the line as it involves a Southern Conference team and a Patriot League squad. Make sure to catch some of this with your grapefruit this morning.

    *Aforementioned grapefruit whizzes by Eri's head.*

    We'll have plenty of time to respectfully discuss College Crosse's fluid definition of the term "Philly Team" later in the comments section later.)

  • 12:00 Villanova at Harvard. Wildcats v. Crimson should be a great one. Villanova could play a major role this year when it comes to at-large bids on Selection Sunday. This is the first of three Ivy games for the Cats. With only 8 at-large bids available, it would be HUGE for the Big East on Selection Sunday if the Cats could take down one or two Ivy teams, as it would boost the Big East's profile in the committee's eyes. 

  • 1:00, Drexel v. Virginia. Virginia and Drexel games are usually really close. UVA won by 4 points,last year but the three games prior (2012-2014) were all decided by 1 point (all UVA victories). This is a tough series but the Dragons are still looking for their first win over UVA since 2007. With a home opener against a struggling UVA, Drexel may have what it takes to pull off the upset.

  • 3:00, Penn State at Cornell. Cornell hasn't played a game since their first round loss to Albany last May, while the Nittany Lions have been humming at 2-0. A win over Cornell would be huge for Penn State to demonstrate their 2016 fast start is for real.
February 20, 2016.
Time Game Stream/TV/Stats Links
11:30 1 Notre Dame vs. 13 Georgetown LB3 Live ($$)
11:00 Manhattan vs. Robert Morris NEC Front Row
12:00 High Point vs 4 Maryland BTN Plus ($$)
12:00 Mount St. Mary's vs 15 Towson Towson TV
12:00 10 Brown vs. Quinnipiac Quinnipiac TV
12:00 11 Ohio State vs. UMass UMass Athletics TV.
12:00 Binghamton vs. Colgate Colgate Channel 1.
12:00 Air Force vs. Marist Red Fox Network ($$)
12:00 Richmond vs. UMBC Live Stats
1:00 7 Johns Hopkins vs. Loyola Patriot League Network
1:00 9 Yale vs. UMass Lowell America East TV
1:00 Hartford vs. Boston University Patriot League Network
1:00 Detroit vs. Mercer Live Stats
1:00 Bryant vs. Providence Friars TV
1:00 Dartmouth vs. Sacred Heart Live Stats
2:00 Bellarmine vs. Marquette Live Stats
2:00 Hofstra vs. North Carolina Live Stats link not up yet
2:00 3 Duke vs. 2 Denver IB3 Live
2:30 Rutgers vs. Army Patriot League Network
2:30 Vermont vs. Holy cross Patriot League Network
3:00 NJIT vs. Princeton Ivy League Network
7:00 Siena vs. Hobart IB3 Live

Main Board College Crosse Games Of The Day.

The Skittles Scale.
(Ed.Note: Only for education and entertainment purposes only! #WeDoNotEndorseGambling!)


  • Seriously, thank you to all the Goodfellas and Goodladies out there for your great Tweets/messages/jokes/pics. We love you all! If you see something cool today take a pic/screenshot and Tweet it on over to @SexyTimeLax, and we'll put the best ones in our Curation at the end of the day.
If you haven't yet, please create a SB Nation account and join in on the #Banter in the comments section. We love diverse points of view, so please, dive right in and get after it. Games start in a little under an hour. So many games, a Philly Big Board, no Lax Weather #HotTakes ...  it's like heaven on earth.