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College Crosse Prospectus: Thompson Brothers Express Thoughts On Social Media

All the lax news and then some for November 13, 2016.

Rochester Rattlers v Florida Launch Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Let’s hit the links!


A couple UNC women’s players consider life after college lacrosse with limited professional and olympic opportunities.


Lyle Thompson and the rest of his brothers are using social media to talk about the Dakota Access Pipeline and more. Evan Grossman of the New York Daily News has more.

Thompson, 24, had seen enough. So on Oct. 13, he opened his Twitter account, shared a Bernie Sanders tweet about the Dakota Access Pipeline with his 15,000 followers, and a new activist athlete was born.

“It’s just sad to me,” Thompson said. “You take this to another level and look at what America’s about and what exactly is going on there. You’re basically saying you don’t care about the people and you’re doing this for the money.”

Since sharing that first tweet, Thompson and fellow Native athletes including his brothers Miles, Jeremy and Hiana, and stars like Cody Jamieson and Bill O’Brien have all used social media to give voice to a community that’s been silenced — and worse — for generations.

“I’m not someone who wanted to get into the whole social issue of it all. Especially because I know most of my followers come for lacrosse. Some aren’t even familiar with that whole thing. But it was getting no national media attention,” Lyle Thompson said. “I figured I’d just leverage my position and just kind of take advantage of my following, my fan base, people who have no idea what’s going on in North Dakota. It’s something I care about and I think everyone should know about.”

Notre Dame does not care that it’s Saturday, they’re still training.

Navy lacrosse got honored during yesterday’s win over Tulsa for their achievements last season.

Rutgers’ women’s team is starting an anti-bullying campaign.


The Eagles host the Atlanta Falcons this afternoon at 1 pm. Shameless plug to check out Birds 24/7 and our Open Thread later today as well, and also check out the site too.


Robert Redford, 80, is considering retiring from acting in a little bit.


Dave Chappelle hosted Saturday Night Live last night/early this morning, which was filled with plenty of reactions and jokes from Tuesday night’s election. You’ll see some of that stuff later today and probably tomorrow, but this was my favorite sketch, because it’s vintage Chappelle. It’s a “Negan’s murder” inspired sketch from “The Walking Dead” and features many of Chappelle’s old characters from “Chappelle’s Show.” WHAT?! YEAH!! OKAY!!

What if Dave Chappelle never left for Africa and still had Chappelle’s Show?

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