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CSU Vikings To Release 2017 Schedule Friday On Lax Sports Network.

Go Vikings!

Up Helly Aa Fire Festival In Shetland Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Besides BOSS Breschi and the Tar Heels, the Cleveland State Vikings have probably had the best 2016 in all of D1 lacrosse. They scooped up former Maryland All-American, Kyle Berhlohr, as an assistant coach, signed a multi-year partnership deal with UN1TUS, partied it up with Lebron & the Cavs after the NBA title, and chilled with Al Roker during the Republican Convention in Cleveland. Oh, and they’ll get another parade after Cleveland (hopefully!) beats Chicago in the World Series.

Indeed, as the great comedian Drew Carey would say, Cleveland ROCKS!!

The hits just keep on coming, as the Vikings will announce their 2017 schedule on Lax Sports Net tomorrow. (Ed. Note: Shout out to CSU’s SID for the heads up email. We LOVE inside information!)


The Cleveland State University lacrosse program will announce its inaugural schedule Friday on Lax Sports Network (LSN).

The exclusive reveal with take place at 2:00 p.m. Friday on LSN’s Tilt&Flow show, which covers college lacrosse daily. Head coach Dylan Sheridan will join hosts Josh Hawkins and Margo McAuley to announce the schedule and discuss what lies ahead for his first-year program.

Fans can watch the segment live on or through the LSN app. For those that are not able to watch live, the interview will be available on demand immediately following the show. will release the full schedule later Friday afternoon as well.

In conjunction with season tickets going on sale, Cleveland State had previously announced that its first-ever game will be a home contest against Michigan Saturday, Feb. 4, at 7:00 p.m.

Can’t wait to see the full schedule tomorrow.