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Michigan Hockey Great Mike Legg Hits Lacrosse-Style Goal From The Opposite Blue Line.


Big Chill - Michigan State v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

As you know College Crosse is secretly a hockey blog. Don’t believe me? You must have missed our WONDERFUL recent podcast “COLLEGE CROSSECAST: We're Secretly a Hockey Blog And This Podcast Episode Proves It.” (Ed. Note: Fans of the #FireEriBarrister movement will be happy to know that I was not on that podcast.)

Given our secret double-blog life, it’s really great when hockey & lacrosse crossover, as that gives us cover with the higher ups. Like when Michigan 247 posted an article about former Michigan Hockey great, Mike Legg, hitting a lacrosse-style shot from the opposite blue line, you KNEW we were going to flag it.

(Ed. Note: For all you youngsters out there Mike Legg is most famous for hitting another insane lacrosse-style goal for Michigan during the Western Regional Finals of the 1996 NCAA Hockey Tournament.)

It all happened last night during the second intermission of the Wolverines 4-3 win over Michigan Tech when Legg and two other members of the 1996 team were honored on the ice. All three played in the "intermission game ‘Score-O,’ in which contestants try to score in a foot-wide slot in a goal cover.” The former players took the challenge up a notch and actually shot from the opposite blue line instead of just center ice.

All three made their shots, but Legg put a little spice on his by going lacrosse-style. The crowd went nuts. But you can check it out for yourself below.

Maybe it’s a sign that Michigan is going to the Big BBQ this season.