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College Crosse Prospectus - October 12, 2016: Good Dudes At Marquette, Utah Lacrosse News.

Plus check out our NHL preview podcast with Ryan, Jake, Chris, & Marisa!!

Sydney Celebrates Halloween Photo by Sergio Dionisio/Getty Images

What’s going on, College Crosse Nation?! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here are your links for October 12, 2016.

College Crosse News.

Our NHL preview podcast is up!! Ryan, Marisa, Jake, and Chris bang out a fantastic pod on everything hockey for the 2016-17 season.

Great story about Marquette lacrosse players helping out a beloved university employee.

On a recent day, Wagner and Melillo overheard that Brown needed some help. “I was talking to a co-worker about moving and they told me ‘Just let me know if you need some help," and I was like, 'Yeah right! They’re kidding.'"

But it was no joke. “We offered to do it and one thing led to the next and then we were working for her on a Saturday,” Wagner said.

Despite Utah’s official line that they have no plans to go D1, they’re certainly recruiting like a division 1 team. Indeed, here’s another article about a Georgia football recruit choosing Utah lacrosse instead of football or another lacrosse program.

Nice article from the Duke Chronicle on Duke midfielders Brad Smith and Terry Lindsay and how they are looking to capitalize on their gold medal summer with the Team USA U19 team with a deep run in the Big BBQ in 2017.

Make sure you check out this highlight video of the Lynchburg vs. VMI scrimmage from last week.

Nice post about Harlem Lacrosse coming to Concord, Mass.

A wake was held Tuesday for Robby Schartner.

What’s Up, Philly?

A group of investors and developers are trying to build a mega-club to Philadelphia.

World/National News.

Crazy video surfaces of a couple adventure-seeking bikers who were held up at gunpoint by men in army fatigues when they stumble across a secret pathway to Area 51.

Your GIF for October 12, 2016: Smart dog knows that all leashes must be safely inside the vehicle before they can go tot he park.

That’s it for today!! I’ll see you out there!!