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2015 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament: The Bracket

Stick this on your cubicle or office wall and show your friends how smart you are.

Getty Images/Getty Images

2015 NCAA Tournament Play-In Bracket Fixed

(Click to enlarge. Then print it out or whatever. Or click here for a .pdf version.)

Important things you can do with this bracket:

  • Fold it many ways to make an origami crane, give it your little nephew, and watch him smash all of your tedious work with a truck that you gave him for his birthday.
  • Send it to your Congressperson with a note that reads, "There's blood all over your hands." Hope that the police cannot trace your address or handwriting.
  • Have you ever made a burrito wrapped with a paper lacrosse bracket instead of a soft flour tortilla? This is your chance to make it happen.
  • When you're in a boring meeting, slowly raise the bracket over your face so that you can't see your worthless coworkers. Get out of your chair -- with the bracket still in front of your face -- and back out of the room. You're now invisible, and you definitely won't get fired for this stunt.

We'll see you out there.