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2015 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament: Selection Sunday Open Thread

The bracket is unveiled tonight on ESPNU at 9:00 PM (ET).

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

How are you feeling about your team tonight? The Selection Committee will unleash a Division I men's lacrosse championship bracket tonight at 9:00 (ET) on ESPNU. Anish Shroff, Quint Kessenich, and Paul Carcaterra will walk you through the thing. The big stories of the night are fourfold:

  1. How will the the seeding shake out at the bottom of the bracket (arguably the most important aspect of all of this as seeded teams are given home games in the first round);
  2. The destination of unseeded teams, especially dangerous ones;
  3. Which teams will potentially face Denver in the quarterfinal round in Denver's home city; and
  4. Which teams will sneak into the field, presumably without dropping a bag of cash with a big green dollar sign on it at the Selection Committee's door.

The play-in round will open on Wednesday -- likely featuring some combination of High Point, Towson, Bryant, and Marist -- with first round games starting at noon on Saturday.

After ESPNU finishes its extravaganza, keep an eye out for a downloadable bracket and all kinds of other nonsense. The Big Barbeque is about to have its invitation list finalized. These are the good times, people.


College Crosse's Final Bracket Projection
Our own @Eri_Barrister gives you his bracket projection. Syracuse sits at the top of the bracket with Maryland occupying the eight-seed. Princeton and Ohio State sneak into the field.

Patrick Stevens' Final Bracket Projection
Stevens has four Ivy League teams making the field and both Ohio State and Georgetown on the outside looking in. Syracuse is his top seed and Cornell earned the final seeded position.

Inside Lacrosse's Final Bracket Projection
Terry Foy and Brian Coughlin have Syracuse at the top of the bracket and Albany filling the final seeded position. Princeton and Ohio State are among the final teams in the field with Georgetown and Brown left out.

Lacrosse Magazine's Final Bracket Projection
Corey McLaughlin shot Georgetown and Brown into space and slipped Princeton and Ohio State into the field. Syracuse is the top seeded team in the field and Cornell is the final seeded team.

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