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THE FACEOFF tries to make sense out of the past week while also getting you set for a loaded weekend of lacrosse.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Well, well, well. That first full-ish weekend of the season was something. We've seen some big upsets dot the college lacrosse landscape. We've also seen some great performances that could shape the way we look at the rest of the season. And we're only getting started!

Teams that decided that February 7th was a good time to start their seasons have already done their stuff, but now a whole bunch more get moving because they've chosen Valentine's Day as the sunrise to their seasons. And let me tell you, with this weekend's slate of games, you'll want to show your love for lacrosse more than you do for your significant other (maybe).

THE FACEOFF looks back on a wild first weekend while also looking ahead to what should be a dynamite slate of games. I mean, just look at those games to watch. Duke-Denver! The Battle of Central New York! LAFAYETTE-WAGNER!!! It's a bountiful feast of awesomesomeness, so get comfortable, fire up your internet machines, and spend your whole weekend watching some great early-season matchups.

Here's this week's edition of THE FACEOFF. It looks like you no longer have to click it for it to grow, so enjoy it in its full-sized glory:

2015 The Faceoff Week 2