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Division I Update: Yesterday at the FIL World Lacrosse Championships (July 11, 2014)

More things happened.

Morne de Klerk


Blue Division
Australia 14, Japan 13 (2OT)
England 4, Iroquois 15

Green Division
Netherlands 19, China 4
Italy 14, Norway 9

Grey Division
Czech Republic 12, Turkey 3
Poland 23, Costa Rica 1

Orange Division
Slovakia 15, Korea 6
Sweden 4, Israel 19

Plum Division
Wales 10, Russia 2
New Zealand 19, Argentina 2

Red Division
Hong Kong 13, Austria 12 (OT)
Germany 12, Belgium 4

Turquoise Division
Finland 19, Colombia 0
Spain 10, Mexico 14

White Division
Latvia 5, Switzerland 10
Scotland 24, Thailand 3

Yellow Division
Bermuda 9, France 7
Ireland 17, Uganda 1

Selected Division I Impact

Michael Tsiang (Villanova) put in a decent effort at the dot, winning nine of 20 draws. The wins from the rising senior meant little in the overall scope of the game (Holland wielded a hammer throughout the game's 80 minutes and were sociopathically driven to crush skulls), but it may signal that the rising senior may need some work through the summer and fall if he hopes to replace Thomas Croonquist for the Wildcats.

Eli and Riley Lasda (Albany) combined for two goals on 10 shots, committing five turnovers in the Latvians loss to Switzerland. The Great Danes seemingly have 100,000 players in this tournament, and the Lasdas play for a country that I did not know existed before the start of the event.

Thomas Flibotte (Bucknell) did his best Bugs Bunny impression for the Azzurri, stuffing the stat sheet with four goals on 10 -- !!! -- shots, corralling three groundballs while committing two turnovers and serving two minutes in the box (where he felt shame). Flibotte accounted for almost a third of Italy's scoring and almost a third of the team's total shots, stringing together all of his scoring in the game's first 62:38, putting his final tally on the board to give Italy a 10-5 lead. Interestingly, all of Flibotte's buckets came unassisted, clearly distrusting of a nation with questionable fashion.

Thailand is competing for the first time in the World Championships and Dylan Sheridan's (Denver) team took a shot to the mouth from a quietly capable Scotland concern. Head coachin' ain't always caviar and Gatorade baths.

Dickson Smith (Virginia) recorded a shot and two groundballs while Eric Smith (Michigan) committed the game's first penalty for an illegal body check. Otherwise, the Swedes learned a lesson about how good Israel can be this tournament.

All four of Finland's Division I players -- Hayden Johnstone (Stony Brook), Eric Cooley (Rutgers), Anssi Kaisalmi (Mercer), and Nick Ranta (Furman) -- got burn in the Fins' destruction of Colombia. Of special note was Johnstone's effort: The keeper, in just under 12 minutes of action, caused three turnovers. When's the last time you saw a goalie go ball-hawkin'?

Matt Sexton (Penn State) had a helper, two shots, a groundball, and a giveaway against the Iroquois. Max Bonsall (Siena) did not play. Sexton's assist gave England an early 2-1 lead, the team's last advantage against a far superior Iroquois team.

Warren Hill (Syracuse), Lyle Thompson (Albany), Zach Miller (Denver), and Randy Staats (Syracuse) all got starts for the Iroquois against the English in the team's 15-4 shellacking of the Three Lions. Thompson, Miller, and Staats combined for six goals on 10 shots. The Iroquois' growing presence in the college field game is definitely impacting the team's efforts in this tournament.

Today's Heat (ET)

10:00 A.M.: Korea v. Sweden (ESPN3)
10:30 A.M: Austria v. Germany
12:00 P.M: Uganda v. Bermuda
12:00 P.M.: Colombia v. Spain
12:30 P.M.: Norway v. Netherlands
1:00 P.M.: France v. Ireland (ESPN3)
1:30 P.M: Belgium v. Hong Kong
1:30 P.M: Argentina v. Wales
3:30 P.M: Switzerland v. Scotland
4:00 P.M: Russia v. New Zealand
4:00 P.M: Japan v. Iroquois (ESPN3)
4:30 P.M: Thailand v. Latvia
4:30 P.M: Finland v. Mexico
5:30 P.M: Turkey v. Poland
7:00 P.M: Australia v. United States (ESPNU/ESPN3)
7:30 P.M.: China v. Italy
7:30 P.M: Costa Rica v. Czech Republic
10:00 P.M.: Canada v. England (ESPN3)
10:35 P.M: Israel v. Slovakia