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THE FACEOFF: Week 12 (April 23 - May 4)

The regular season is drawing to a close, which means THE FACEOFF is here to get you all set for a wild two weeks of lacrosse.


Where did the time go this season? It seems like just yesterday the season was getting started and we were yelling nothing but SPRING SPORT with all that snow on the ground during games. Now, all of a sudden, we're at the home stretch of the regular season.

THE FACEOFF is here for a final regular season edition to get you set for what should be a fantastic final stretch to the year. We've got the regular season covered in this one, as we've dedicated special editions of THE FACEOFF to conference tournaments (you can check out what we did for the Patriot League and stay tuned for the rest). As a result, we're not just giving you some critical conference battles for you to watch out for this weekend, but also some great non-conference games looming next week. Oh, and as always, we're nice enough to give you the past week's scores and the latest leaders and polls. So, let's dive straight into your favorite lacrosse infographic of the week:


(Click it or give your eye a ticket to the optometrist.)

We will provide a condensed version of THE FACEOFF next week with just the polls, leaderboards, and a graph or two, as you'll be getting a lot more of THE FACEOFF for your money with our dedicated conference tournament infographics.