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Syracuse Lacrosse Players Read Comments From Insane Syracuse Fans

This is hauntingly beautiful.

Syracuse lacrosse fans are, for the most part, sociopaths. This is an unmitigated universal truth. A 20-plus consecutive Final Four streak and almost a dozen national championships have had a unique impact on Central New York's Orange partisans: It has melted their collective minds and made the residue leak from their ears. With the advent of the Internet computing machine -- a Syracuse treasure since it was introduced to the area in 1997 (I think) -- emotionally and mentally unstable Orange fans now have at their disposal a broad way to ignore normalized social behavior and engage in bonkers theory on a worldwide basis: Ruining the comments section of newspaper websites with hyperbolic fits of insanity ("OBAMACARE!!!!!!!!!!").

This is Syracuse lacrosse's response to unleashed animals. My favorite moments from the video:

  • JoJo Marasco speedreading a comment -- "Since Army wupped SU at home a couple years back watching SU lax is like viewing a video loop of the Zeppelin Hindenburg disaster" -- then making that Jim Halpert "Are you serious?" face to the camera.
  • "Working for we get mean comments all the time." Yes, this is all about you, Katrina. Move it along, fungible-Internet-content-producer.
  • The "In Memoriam" piano music playing over some fine examples of people vomiting on the Internet. (The comment about where parity has hit Syracuse lacrosse is especially poignant.)