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College Lacrosse Schedule and Open Thread: April 6 and 7, 2013

It's a big weekend, folks. Let's take it in together.

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This about says it all:

Your five highlights for the weekend are as follows:

  • Bellarmine at Denver: This, basically:
  • Bucknell at Army: Has anybody else noticed that the Black Knights are 6-3, haven't lost consecutive games this season, are rolling deep with John Glesener, Garrett Thul, and Sam Somers, and may have a little magic in the Patriot League this season? Have you also noticed that Army's schedule only ranks 58th in the country and Bucknell doesn't take a lot of gruff from anyone this season? This is a benchmark game for the Heroes of the Hudson: If Army can compete for 60 minutes with the Bison in Michie, the Black Knights become a serious contender in the conference; if Bucknell slaps Army around, the stain of skepticism will continue to hang around Joe Alberici's club. Do that squinty-eye thing that shows a lack of understanding and let West Point unleash lacrosse on your face.
  • Drexel at Penn State: Drexel may or may not be invincible, but Penn State is starting to play with a lil' bit of hadoken the last few weeks as part of its five-game winning streak (which comes on the heels of a three-game losing streak). All of Pennsyltucky's important things are on the line today in State College -- these things, I assume, are limited to sourdough pretzels -- and the volition of the game could have important residual impact on both the THUNDERDOME! and national pictures. Conference seeding and NCAA Tournament resumes are built on this game, and each team assuredly will come correct this afternoon.
  • North Carolina at Virginia: North Carolina has a death squad of death. Virginia is f------ zen.
  • Syracuse at Princeton: Ryan hooked you up with a solid infographic for the game, but it doesn't tell the whole story about Orange-Tigers. While the rivalry has been thrown in neutral in recent years -- due, in part, to the rise of the rest of Division I lacrosse and the loss of the stranglehold that the two programs had over the game -- Syracuse-Princeton still holds an important place in the college lacrosse hierarchy: 17 combined NCAA titles, dozens and dozens of All-Americans, and, most importantly, a theoretical approach to the game -- at times divergent between the two programs -- that has shaped contemporary play. This game still matters , and with both schools with Championship Weekend aspirations in 2013, the 90's-era feel of this game is revived for at least a day in New Jersey.

Here's Saturday's full schedule. If there are errors, please let me know. I'll fix/populate links to live stats and video as the day progresses (if necessary).

April 6, 2013
Manhattan Detroit 11:00 LIVE STATS N/A
Hobart Ohio State 12:00 LIVE STATS BIG TEN NETWORK
Bucknell Army 12:00 LIVE STATS VIDEO
Michigan Delaware 12:00 LIVE STATS VIDEO
Mount St. Mary's Quinnipiac 12:00 LIVE STATS N/A
Air Force Mercer 1:00 LIVE STATS N/A
Robert Morris Bryant 1:00 LIVE STATS VIDEO
Siena Canisius 1:00 LIVE STATS VIDEO
Cornell Harvard 1:00 LIVE STATS VIDEO
Drexel Penn State 1:00 LIVE STATS N/A
Holy Cross Lafayette 1:00 LIVE STATS VIDEO
Jacksonville VMI 1:00 LIVE STATS N/A
Massachusetts Towson 1:00 LIVE STATS VIDEO
Sacred Heart Wagner 1:00 LIVE STATS VIDEO
Georgetown St. John's 2:00 LIVE STATS N/A
Dartmouth Yale 2:30 LIVE STATS VIDEO
Fairfield Loyola 2:30 LIVE STATS VIDEO
Pennsylvania Brown 3:00 LIVE STATS VIDEO
North Carolina Virginia 3:30 LIVE STATS VIDEO
Binghamton Stony Brook 4:00 LIVE STATS VIDEO
Syracuse Princeton 5:00 LIVE STATS VIDEO
Hofstra St. Joseph's 7:00 LIVE STATS VIDEO
Rutgers Villanova 7:00 LIVE STATS VIDEO

And here's your Sunday slate:

April 7, 2013
Notre Dame Providence 1:00 LIVE STATS VIDEO
Hartford Albany 2:00 LIVE STATS VIDEO
Bellarmine Denver 2:00 LIVE STATS VIDEO

This is your open thread for the weekend. Pizza Hut is actively attempting to kill you. People will be around to yak about whatever is tickling their fancy.

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