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Notre Dame Freshman Eddy Glazener Sings Gangnam Style

D.J. Glaze wins Irish Idol.


In case you don't know, Notre Dame has this weird tradition where freshman are required to do karaoke on the bus. As a person that enjoys watching people fail miserably at things that they are inherently bad at, this tradition, obviously, ranks as one of my favorites.

Let's break down Glazener's effort.

0:04: Nice glasses, Neo.

0:29: "Stage name: D.J. Glaze." I think I've heard of him before. Didn't he do the soundtrack for the latest HoneyBaked Ham Company commercial?

0:49: Honestly, this song actually makes sense without the backing beats. It's true poetry, making Keats look like a slob. I think Glazener is on to something here, and he may have opened a door to our collective consciousness that we never knew existed before.

0:57-1:00: I transcribed this part: "MAMAMAMAMAMAMAmamama MAMSAMAMAMmaama MAMAMAMAMmMmamamama Mmamamamamama!"

1:13: Honestly, the effort here is noble. Being tied to a post as a rifle squad lines up in front of you isn't an easy task, although I would like to see a little more rump shaking than elbow flaring. Use what your mother gave you, son.


2:50: I'm rethinking Glazener's choice for monikers. It really should've been Eddy Goulet.