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College Lacrosse Schedule for March 5, 2013

There are 12 games over the course of the day, and even a televised one. Yee-haw.


It's not the weekend and that can mean only one thing: Crazy brain worms, those things that create uneven results in college lacrosse games, are awake, readying themselves in infect the skulls of lacrosse teams across the country. Mid-week games are the crowning achievement of crazy brain worms, infectious bastards that are fueled by insanity and eventually make heads explode. Or, of course, everything could go according to plan tonight. And yet: crazy brain worms, you guys.

Anyway, there are 12 (!) games today, with action starting early this afternoon and extending into business time tonight. Here are your highlights for the day:

  • Massachusetts at Albany: I'm pretty obsessed with those SyFy movies that play on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. They're the best. When the Minutemen travel up to New York's capital today, I just have the feeling that Sharktopus v. SuperGator is going to break out, and I want to watch the entire thing while eating potato chips and feeling contentment that everything in the world is going just as it should.
  • Pennsylvania at Lehigh: I haven't seen anything relative to whether Lehigh's Matt Poillon will step in the crease today for the Mountain Hawks, but if he doesn't, Lehigh could be in a bit of trouble at home in Bethlehem. The Quakers, while experiencing Denver's smoke show for most of their game this weekend (before eating into the deficit late), isn't screwing around this season and are starting to satisfy some of the juice that surrounded it during the preseason. This isn't a must-win for either team -- the weather is still crappy outside, you guys; there's still a stupid volume of games yet to be played -- but it does serve as an important pivot point for each team as they approach the weekend: Lehigh heads to Penn State on Saturday and the Quakers have an important neutral site meeting with Villanova at PPL Park.
  • Villanova at Princeton: So far this year no team has even approached the offensive efficiency that the Tigers have generated against Hofstra and Johns Hopkins. With the loss of Forest Sonnenfeldt, my dumb gut told me that Princeton might struggle to score goals against a Jays defense loaded with actual and potential All-Americans; of course, Tom Schreiber existed and as such, blood continued to rain from the Tigers' crosses with impunity. I think the focus today isn't so much whether the Tigers can riddle Villanova's defense with mortal wounds -- they're more than capable, and I actually fear for Greg Stamatov's well-being between the pipes -- but rather how Princeton's patchwork defense handles the Wildcats' cockamamie pick-heavy offense, featuring dangerous weapons like Jack Rice, Nick Doherty, Will Casertano, and Max Hart. Also: This cow is a little skeptical that Princeton is going to win this game going away.

Here's today's full schedule (Wagner, unfortunately, is not in action):

March 5, 2013
Detroit Bellarmine 1:00 Link Link
Massachusetts Albany 3:00 Link Link
Holy Cross Rutgers 3:00 Link Link
Siena Stony Brook 3:30 Link Link
Cornell Canisius 4:00 Link Link
Colgate Hobart 4:00 Link Link
Vermont Virginia 4:00 Link Link
Delaware Lafayette 4:00 Link N/A
Mount St. Mary's Johns Hopkins 5:00 Link Link
Pennsylvania Lehigh 7:00 Link Link
Villanova Princeton 7:00 Link Link
Yale Sacred Heart 7:00 Link Link

Leave your comments about the game or anything else (QUERY: My father calls bratwursts "big hot dogs"; he can't possibly be my real father, right?) in the comments below.