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College Lacrosse Schedule for March 13, 2013

There's just one game tonight: The ESPNU showcase game with Duke visiting North Carolina.


This is where things get tough out there. College lacrosse is approaching the mid-way point of its season -- if you can believe it, 40 percent of the regular season is already in the books -- and the crushing force of college basketball is exerting itself on its lacrosse analogue. There isn't necessarily a problem with that (the beauty of college lacrosse season is that it climaxes with zero collegiate competition, mostly because schools are out of session and baseball is for morons), but it creates an issue: Your mind is occupied with two things, and keeping that stuff in balance can be difficult.

I know it's hard, but I have one request of you: Stay with us and get your daily dose of lacrosse. ESPN is chipping in big time with this, continuing to platform lacrosse even with conference basketball tournaments in full swing and the NCAA Tournament about to see its sunrise on Sunday. I'm not asking that you put lacrosse at the top of your agenda; rather, I'm just asking that it remains on your agenda. When the hoopyball thing ends in a few weeks, you'll be fully-charged for what should be an awesome race to the end of the 2013 lacrosse season. And then we will dance in the fields without worry, because things will be perfect (and aslo because I am very adorable).

Anyway, there's just one game today. Duke will get on an airplane, make stopovers in Houston, Tokyo, and the Cayman Islands, and finally land back in North Carolina where they will board a bus and end up at Chapel Hill, eight miles from where they originally started. (It's a weird itinerary. I know.) It's the first ESPNU showcase game of the year (thanks to dastardly snow), and you should probably watch it. Here is your highlight for the day:

  • Duke at North Carolina: Ryan put together a fantastic infographic on this thing, and if you haven't seen it yet, click this highlighted text on this Internet computing page to fill your brain with wonder. I really don't have a great read on this game -- it smells like it could be an offensive showcase, but I'm not ready to believe that whole-heartedly yet -- but I do know this: I'm still not sold that Duke has turned the corner. The win over Loyola last weekend was nice, but that is a Greyhounds team that is still not firing on all cylinders. Granted, the Devils haven't exactly established themselves as a team that should scoff at getting a win over only a top 20 opponent, but I think Duke still has a way to go this year if Championship Weekend is a legitimate destination for the program. Carolina is tough and they have a lot of the pieces you're looking for in a potential national title contender, and I wouldn't be shocked if the Tar Heels take it to the Devils if Duke doesn't come ready to play (much like the Blue Devils' game against Maryland).

Here's today's full schedule with links to things so that you can monitor the carnage (Wagner isn't in action today because winners do what winners want):

March 13, 2013
Duke North Carolina 7:30 3.7703 1 LIVE STATS VIDEO

Leave your comments about the game or anything else (QUERY: Fritos or Doritos?) in the comments below.