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College Lacrosse Schedule and Open Thread for February 12, 2013

There's only one game tonight, pals and gal pals. Let's get it.

Rob Carr

Will tonight resume the insanity that gripped 2012's mid-week games? This pile of crazy pills and the meat cleaver that I'm holding sure hope so. For whatever reason, last season turned non-weekend games into a cross between The Gong Show and watching-significant-others-break-up-with-each-other-in-public; it was unexplainable and yet you couldn't help but watch because when awkward and weird meet the magic tends to happen. It's what makes this new era of college lacrosse so special, you guys, and I never want it to end (until I get bored with it, of course).

It's a pretty truncated slate tonight with only one game on the docket: Mount St. Mary's visits Maryland to play on the Terps' new lacrosse field which was designed and installed in the future. Here are the evening's highlights (which is the easiest thing I've ever written):

  • Mount St. Mary's at Maryland (5:00 P.M.): My expectation is that the Terps are going to bop the Mountaineers about the skull with a lead pipe tonight in College Park, but then again it's Tuesday and as that day isn't a weekend day -- as far as I know; I'll confirm with Big Calendar to make sure -- anything is possible, including Mount St. Mary's trading in their lacrosse sticks for actual laser cannons from Moonraker and literally extinguishing Maryland's lacrosse team from Earth, thereby winning by forfeit and notching an important first win on the year. Maryland looks like they'll provide a stream of this thing, but I'm unsure if it will cost American currency or not. Given the financial situation in the Maryland athletic department, you may be able to barter with Kevin Anderson for access to the game. A shoe with a floppy toe that is in desperate need of repair should be sufficient.

Also, if you're bored tonight at 9:00 P.M., listen to Ryan and I yammer on a podcast thing on the Internet machine. You can listen to the "Ummm"fest right here.

Leave your comments about the game or anything else (QUERY: Turkey chili or beef chili?) in the comments below.