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Johns Hopkins' Cordish Center for Futuristic Space Exploration Nears Completion

Lacrosse Base Blue Jay is just about ready to be a real building with, like, tables and chairs and rooms where you can play hide and seek and stuff. As noted previously, Johns Hopkins' Cordish Lacrosse Center had the potential to totally reinvent what is considered high-end college lacrosse facilities, and given some of the pictures that the program threw into the Internet ether late last week, the building appears as if it is going to deliver.

Here's selected juice from the Johns Hopkins men's lacrosse Twitter account. For more images (presumably from the future), just click that link and praise Edwin Land for creating a device that captures reality and also souls.

Now that's a sexy picture. The best part of the entire complex, I think, is the exterior second-floor patio. My love for this feature lies in its subtle utility: Availability for pre-game cocktail receptions as well as post-game patio diving should the Jays inexplicably lose a game to an inferior opponent, causing a Hopkins partisan to lose faith in humanity and attempt to find sweet release.

The frosted glass is cool. The partially unfurled map of the lost colony of Atlantis -- WE WILL FIND TREASURE! THIS WILL BE THE ENDOWMENT OF HOPKINS LACROSSE! -- is even cooler.

You can't see it so well in the picture, but the little cubbies in the lockers all have Hopkins' blue jay logo carved into the face of the door. That's a nice touch. Also a nice touch: Keeping the lockers close enough together for violent towel snapping.