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Georgetown's Dave Urick Retires; Hoyas to Conduct National Coaching Search

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I probably should have gotten around to this news item on Friday afternoon, but I was held up with an important task: An ice cream truck came by the office and "Who can eat eight Good Humor Toasted Almond bars in under five minutes?" competitions are important vestiges of American democracy that are truly underappreciated.

So, yeah. Way to impinge on the American experience, selfish Georgetown.

Anyway, Dave Urick -- Chief Operating Hoya (Whistle Holding Division) for 23 years -- has stepped away from coaching and will end his career at Georgetown with a somewhat stealthy 223-99 record. Urick isn't totally removing himself from Georgetown, however, as he's taking an administrative position with the university's athletic department.


Georgetown University long-time men's lacrosse head coach Dave Urick announced today that he will step down after 23 years at the helm of the Hoya program. Urick will remain on the Hilltop to serve as Special Assistant to the Athletics Director.

"Dave Urick has been a great ambassador for Georgetown University and he has guided our men's lacrosse program to the top of the sport nationally," Reed said. "He is an icon in the sport and his legacy on the Hilltop will last for years to come. Dave brought our program from the ground up and made it one of the best in the country, both on the field and off. We're grateful for all that he has done for men's lacrosse and Georgetown University and I'm happy that we will have him here as a resource."

Urick guided Georgetown to its only Championship Weekend appearance in 1999, which resulted in a 13-10 loss to eventual runner-up Syracuse, and helped the Hoyas to top 10 finishes in the year-end USILA poll for 12 of the last 16 years. For me, though, I'll always remember Urick as the man that turned Hobart into a killer sharkgator, amassing 10 consecutive Division III titles (1980-1989) while serving as the Statesmen's head coach. In fact, during his tenure in Geneva, Urick never failed to win a national championship. That is an unreal feat.

With the long-time head coach now sidelined like the rest of us schlubs, attention now turns to the job that Lee Reed, Georgetown's Director of Athletics, must do to fill the vacancy. When Matt Kerwick left Jacksonville almost a year ago to the day of Urick's retirement, the assumption was that the former Dolphins and Hobart head coach would slide into the primary whistle-blowing seat when Urick finally called it quits. Inside Lacrosse's Terry Foy, however, thinks you should pump the breaks a little bit on that notion:

Among the candidates to replace Urick is associate head coach Matt Kerwick, who's previously held the head coaching position at Hobart and Jacksonville. Kerwick joined the staff heading into last season and speculation at the time dubbed him "head coach-in-waiting." However, two sources have told Inside Lacrosse that such a transition isn't as assured as previously assumed, and in his letter to alumni, Urick wrote, "[T]here will be an immediate open search for a new head coach. The administration will be looking for the best coaching talent who is also the best fit for Georgetown University."

INTRIGUE! Which reminds me, it's time to apply for Georgetown's opening:

Mr. Lee Reed
Director of Athletics
Georgetown University
McDonough Arena
Washington, D.C. 20057

RE: Head Coach Vacancy -- Men's Lacrosse

Dear Jerkface:

My name is Hoya Suxa. Die.


Hoya Suxa