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Tom Schreiber Contracting Associates, Inc. Updates His Work in Uganda

Tom Schreiber -- Princeton's attack/midfield/tactical offensive weapon -- is currently in Uganda working with Fields of Growth International, an organization that is dedicated to all the humanitarian efforts that you always say you're going to do but never get around to because there's a Breaking Bad marathon on and it's a pain in the ass to change the world while eating potato chips and taking cat naps.

Schreiber has been working on raising The HOPEFUL School, an actual facility -- the equivalent of a spaceship/Rascal scooter here in the good ol' United States -- to provide education to local orphans afflicted with HIV/AIDS and other vulnerable children in the village and surrounding areas. (And you thought running gassers in the summer afternoon heat was an impressive and noteworthy feat.) Here's Schreiber's dispatch from the field:

More Tom Schreibers; less Lax Bro Turdburgers that worry about some manufacturer's new line of gloves with an eight-selection color wheel. That's how the lacrosse magic happens. Again, if you'd like to donate, all you have to do is click this fancy text. I'm sure that they'll accept whatever you can give. Or, better yet, pull your rump off the couch and get involved.

Anyway, did you all see the hottest new trend in international sport? No, it's not destroying things during a particular week (although Schreiber's shirt would beg to differ). It's actually this:


We are so far behind the Ugandans in child lifting. This nation will never achieve its child lifting goals until we start making child lifting a priority. I blame this on Obamacare.