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Seven Stories and One Set of Beats: April 9, 2012

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

Cornell Staves Off Final Frame Rally By Crimson for Its Fourth Ivy Victory
Saturday was a beautiful day — the sun was shining over Schoellkopf Field, the temperature was in the high 40s and over 3,000 fans came out to support the men’s lacrosse team as it hosted the Harvard Crimson. It was a hard-fought battle for Cornell; however, the No. 5 Red was able to secure the 14-10 victory, despite Harvard’s nine-point second half.

Inside Lacrosse's Sunday Finest: A Landmark Win for St. John's
There’s an update on the Yale sharpshooter, a quick look at Georgetown as it enters a huge game against Notre Dame next Sunday and a nod to Army's double-overtime double-winner, plus some stats on Navy. But the only place to start is with St. John’s and its miracle victory against the Hoyas.

Georgetown's lacrosse team struggling to right the ship
The Big East's first men's lacrosse tournament will unfold early next month, the latest step in the commitment of the big-name league to the sport.

Behind the Scenes with Marquette: A Day In The Life Video
I have been asked questions, on countless occasions, regarding what we are doing with our guys in this year of no competition (competition will begin in spring 2013).

Inside Scoop with Senior Jason Coppersmith
Navy’s 9-4 loss to No. 9 Lehigh Friday night was exacerbated by the disappearance of the team’s offense, which failed to score a goal over the final 42 minutes, 2 seconds of the contest.

Lacrosse Playground Tours Lehigh Men’s Lacrosse Locker Room
Lehigh is having a heck of a season rising to their highest National ranking in school history. Lehigh also has great facilities! We recently had the honor of taking a tour of the Lehigh Men’s Lacrosse locker room to see where they strap up and strategize before practice and games. As you can see, the team is equipped with STX equipment, Cascade Pro7s and New Balance uniforms and footwear. Watch the video tour below.

College Lax: Heritage tearing it up at Bucknell
Bucknell men’s lacrosse sophomore Todd Heritage is having another stellar season.

Today's beats: I'm running way, way behind today in the content department. Spending what is usually a dedicated writing day eating a ham the size of an elephant's head tends to do that. So, things are a shade backed up. Here's Alabama Shakes' "Hold On," featured on their new album, Boys and Girls: