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Firewater . . . Bad!: College Lacrosse Schedule for April 6, 2012

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In addition to writing this excellent lacrosse and lacrosse-like product, I have a few other interests and hobbies:

  • I love cooking barbecue, preferably in the smoker wherein I dominate the culinary landscape;
  • I have a beer addition, but not to the level where I write hoity-toity beers reviews on Beer Advocate that say things like, "The citrus notes are divine!";
  • I'm coming around on wine tasting, although my level of sophistication is, at this time, limited to, "This one made me pee the least!"; and
  • I finish a book just about every ten days, depending on the tonnage of said tome.

There was a bit of an intersection between a few of those things -- the voracious reading and alcohol interest -- this week at the ol' real-life job. I'm working through Tom Wolfe's The Kandy-Kolored, Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby, a collection of essays on culture. Among the inclusions is Wolfe's excellent "The Last American Hero is Junior Johnson. Yes!" In Johnson's early days -- before driving a racing car faster than other drivers' racing cars -- Johnson ran shine throughout North Carolina for his pappy. This led me to a stunning realization: I have never in my 31 years on this planet tasted moonshine.

I mentioned this -- both the Johnson piece and my lack of 'shine experience -- to a co-worker at the ol' real-life job and, to my amazement and concern, he actually has a still and makes his own lightning. I needed to taste the bite.

Well, today was the day. After lunch, we each tipped some of the mountain dew and I have to tell you, it blows something fierce. I'm all for American ideals of freedom, but that freedom tasted like an explosion of oppression. Never again. I think I may have disinfected my intestines for the rest of existence.


  • Navy at Maryland: IT'S A MARYLAND LACROSSE WAR! EVERYONE DROP THE CRABCAKES FROM YOUR FAT MARYLAND FINGERS AND HEAD OVER TO COLLEGE PARK FOR THE MARYLAND LACROSSE WAR! One of college lacrosse's best rivalries, Midshipmen-Terrapins should deliver fairly well tonight.
  • Bellarmine at Denver: Kentucky-brand lacrosse meets Colorado-brand lacrosse. Somewhere in Baltimore, a guy named Chet just grumbled.

APRIL 6, 2012
Navy Maryland 7:00 4.2027 2
Bellarmine Denver 9:00 4.5070 1

Leave your comments about the game or anything else (QUERY: Moonshine: Is potential blindness worth it?) in the comments below.