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Seven Stories and One Set of Beats: April 25, 2012

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

Lacrosse power rankings: April 23-29
A wild weekend of upsets has set up a very intriguing stretch run to the end of the regular season. All of a sudden Virginia, Hopkins and Cornell are teetering, while it appears Syracuse and Denver will have to win their conference tournaments just to make the postseason. Nobody saw this coming back in February.

Dixon's Takeaways: Conference Outlooks and a Razor-Thin Margin For Error in DI Lacrosse
What Happened: Hopkins and Virginia struggled.

College lacrosse weekend wrap-up
Evan Washburn tells you all you need to know about all the weekend's results, including the biggest upset of the season -- Navy over Johns Hopkins.

Men's Weekly Conference Honors
Is there an award yet for "Adorable Achievement in the Field of Dimples"? No? Dammit.

Division I Bracketology as of 4/22: Who's in, Who's out?
More people picking brackets. May can't come fast enough.

Q&A with ESPN's Quint Kessenich
Former All-American goalkeeper offers opinions on Loyola's staying power at No. 1, a traditional powerhouse's recent struggles and the likelihood of a NCAA Tournament without Cornell, Denver and Syracuse.

Michigan 9, Rutgers 13
Michigan’s season-long theme of “close, but no cigar” holds true once more. Coming into the Rutgers game, I thought the Wolverines would have a chance to pick up their second win of the year, but it would be tough to actually pull off the feat. That held true in Piscataway.

Today's beats: Samuel Barber was one of America's most important composers. His use of dissonance and theme remain an everlasting gift to modern classical music. Plus, a lot of his stuff was just terrifyingly exciting. Here's Barber's "Madea's Dance of Vegeance" pulled from his earlier ballet, Madea: