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A Few of My Favorite Things: College Lacrosse Schedule for March 27, 2012

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Here are a few of my favorite things:

  • My favorite state is "of unrest."
  • My favorite America is "the United States of."
  • My favorite kind of people with mustaches are nobody.
  • My favorite animal is an alligator with a pitchfork that sits on your front porch and tells you to "go back the way you came, son."

Anyway, the highlights for tonight:

  • Bucknell at Penn State: PENNSYLVANIA LACROSSE WAR! GET YOUR FRIENDS AND PILE THEM INTO YOUR F-150 FOR THE LACROSSE WAR! Austin Kaut, meet Billy Eisenreich and Todd Heritage. Billy Eisenreich and Todd Heritage, meet Jeff Tramboni and his desire to render you useless. Let's light this candle, babycakes!
  • Harvard at Massachusetts: Two of the nation's most explosive offensive pipe bombs -- Jeff Cohen and Will Manny -- go at it in a "last to score loses (and will be sacrificed to the lacrosse gods)" matchup in Amherst. The Minutemen are still unbeaten on the season while Harvard is itchy for a three-game winning streak.

Here's the rest of the docket for the afternoon and evening:

MARCH 27, 2012
Brown Duke 3:00 4.5198 3
Air Force Jacksonville 7:00 4.0388 4
Bryant Providence 7:00 2.0893 5
Harvard Massachusetts 7:00 5.3928 2
Bucknell Penn State 7:00 6.3838 1
Canisius Robert Morris 7:00 2.0114 6

Leave your comments about the game or anything else (QUERY: What are a few of your favorite things?) in the comments below.