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It's March! (Whatever): College Lacrosse Schedule for March 2, 2012

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I love hot dogs. In fact, I love hot dogs so much that a few years ago I ate at least one hot dog a day through all of July to celebrate National Hot Dog Month.

After that, I didn't like hot dogs quite as much. No matter how much you love something -- hot dogs, your children -- there comes a breaking point where its like, "Nope, never again." And then you invariably deviate from that because, hell, hot dogs are American perfection and -- whoops! -- that kid came out of nowhere.

Tonight's college lacrosse slate is kind of like those first few weeks after eating hot dogs until your body is completely preserved for the benefit of science in the future: You gorged on ridiculous goodness, you had some time to relax and get it out of your system, and you're slowly moving back to enjoying whatever beef/pork/??? combination that constitutes your frankfurters of choice.

In other words, after last weekend and Tuesday, it's good to only have a few games on the lacrosse docket tonight so that you don't vomit due to far too aggressive overconsumption.

The only true highlight of the day is Johns Hopkins visiting Princeton for an early-evening soiree. ESPNU has the game, so you should probably watch it and stuff. Last year, the Tigers surprisingly pounded the Blue Jays down at Homewood Field. With Princeton off to a good start this season -- Tom Schreiber is making a case for high-team All-America honors and Mike MacDonald has been shooting fireworks from his mortar -- and Hopkins is still trying to figure out what's going on with its midfield (answer: nothing), there is great potential for a "Thumbs-up, good job!" game.

Tyler Fiorito is back between the pipes for the Tigers tonight after serving a suspension against Manhattan; he could possibly be the difference between a big Princeton victory or another notch in the Blue Jays belt. Unless, of course, Dave Pietramala has his way.

MARCH 2, 2012
Jacksonville Michigan 3:30 N/A N/A
Princeton Johns Hopkins 5:00 N/A N/A
Bellarmine Loyola 7:00 N/A N/A

Loyola-Bellarmine has been postponed to 11:00 A.M. on Saturday. Stay safe out in Kentucky, folks!

Leave your comments about the games or anything else (QUERY: Mustard or ketchup (or both) on your victory hot dogs?) in the comments below.