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It's Never Too Cold to Tailgate: College Lacrosse Schedule for February 4, 2012

Hauntingly beautiful.
Hauntingly beautiful.

Believe it or not, knuckleheads, it's already college lacrosse season. I know; that escalated quickly.

Now, I should note that for the majority of Division I -- well, if you wanted to get technical, 96.72% of Division I -- this weekend is like any other since spring preparations have started: run sprints, scrimmage a little bit, and nobody get hurt. For that 3.28%, however, it's time to put on the foil and start knocking heads for real. For, like, really real.

Your two quickest horses out of the gate in 2012 are Detroit and Delaware. The Titans will head southeast to Newark, Delaware, to face the Blue Hens and Grant Kaleikau's boom stick at Delaware Stadium tomorrow (or, if you're reading this on Saturday, today) at 1:00 P.M. The National Weather Service is predicting mostly sunny skies down in the First State with a high near 50. That isn't too bad considering it could be snowing or, even worse, blood and frogs could be falling from the sky.

So, pile all your buddies into your pick up truck, pick up some burgers and dogs, pay the $35 in tolls it costs to drive through Delaware, and enjoy the first firecracker of this year's college lacrosse season.

FEBRUARY 4, 2012
Detroit Delaware 1:00 N/A 1

Leave your comments about the game or anything else (QUERY: Steele Stanwick -- Awesome name for an electric razor or awesomest name for an electric razor?) in the comments below. Here we go, bros and broettes.