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Seven Stories and One Set of Beats: December 31, 2012

See you in hell, 2012!

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

Recruiting: Report - NCAA Proposes Rules to Streamline, Deregulate Recruiting Process
Early recruiting in Division I men's lacrosse has been a dominant topic of interest in 2012. Already three men's Class of 2016 (high school freshmen) commitments have verballed to Division I universities. The Class of 2015, meanwhile, is approaching 100 verbal commitments. The acceleration is considerable.

Staff Debate: Christmas Gifts
If we had the magical Santa powers, we'd of course give gifts to lacrosse teams. We don't, but we posed the question: What gift would you give lacrosse teams in 2013?

Local LAX Standout Wraps Whirlwind Year with a U.S. Gold Medal
Danville's Mike Tagliaferri takes breather after European stint with lacrosse Team USA and Tar Heels semester.

Blue Jay Jersey Countdown -- #46
Did You Know: Oliver Shephard is the only Johns Hopkins men's lacrosse player to earn First Team All-America honors wearing #46.

A View from the Sidelines
Towson Lacrosse head coach Shawn Nadelen chats with about his team's 2013 captains and winter workouts.

Recruiting: 2016 to Virginia, 2015s to Princeton, Lehigh
While you finish up those Christmas leftovers, Inside Lacrosse has new verbal commitments to report. A new 2016 to Virginia is out, plus 2015, 2014s and 2013s come in.

High Point's Jon Torpey: Defending an Attacking 1-3-2 Throwback Dodge
It used to be the norm in a throwback offense: having your follow midfielder be more of a relay player responsible for getting the ball to the backside midfielder coming off the crease. Now, more offenses are attacking with the follow midfielder dodging or looking to shoot off the pass from the initial dodger. Here’s a simple yet effective way to combat the offensive action that’s being seen more frequently.

Today's beats: If I ever sound like Tom Waits, please cut out my neck.