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Happy New Year!

Also, some notes about the site and where things are headed.

I hate writing site-referential news; this is, after all, Internet real estate dedicated to stuff -- and that's about as well as I can categorize it -- about Division I college lacrosse. Pieces about College Crosse appearing on College Crosse is kind of cockamamie, more so than the cockamamie ACC Tournament, which is the apex of cockamamie in the entire history of cockamamie. Yet, this is all about to happen. My apologies, I guess.

First, from the site to you: Happy New Year! I hope that great things happen to you in 2013, like being the first person to shoehorn pizza somewhere into the vegetable category of the food pyramid.

Second, things are going to be a little light around here through the end of 2012. There are a few things factoring into this, but the biggest driver is that the site is preparing for its 2013 season "preview" -- that's the best word I have for what is going to happen, although it probably won't look exactly like other previews you may read -- which will launch on January 2nd. There's somewhere around 30 items already in the hopper for this thing, and it'll probably be north of 60 pieces when all is said and done. You can easily keep up with all that stuff simply by monitoring the ever important hub.

Third, a note of thanks to everyone that has read this Internet computing page on their Internet computing machines. The health of the site -- thanks to all of you -- is very strong. The site has seen triple-digit growth over last year in all important metrics, and more importantly, the growth has been most substantial in the offseason. That tells me that you started the ride during the season last year and hung around for all the nonsense that June through December bring. It's you guys that make the site so much fun to write, and I can't thank you all enough for your continued patronage of College Crosse. There are some big-ish things planned for 2013, so I hope that you continue to not totally hate what appears here.

Things are going to start happening to us now. We'll see y'all next week.