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College Crosse's Best of November

10 stories or things that weren't totally miserable.

Winslow Townson

November is just about in the books and that means only one thing: We're one month closer to having a puppy named Senator Bow-Wow win a seat in the United States Congress, passing comprehensive Milkbone insurance for all canine Americans. So, that's a good thing.

Other than that, it's time to recap 10 of the bigger and better stories that graced this fine Internet real estate over the last 30 days. Let's get it.

Maryland and Rutgers Melt Faces With Defections to the Big Ten
I think conference realignment is like dating teenagers: Everybody is looking around for something better, switching partners, and it all usually results in break-up notes, nasty phone calls, and late-night sob sessions. I hope someone in the ACC and Big East blasted some Gotye when the Terps and Scarlet Knights made their announcements. It seems only right.

Chemotti Storms to Richmond on the Day of Hurricane Sandy
It would have been the story of November if Rutgers and Maryland weren't antsy, but, alas, Dan Chemotti's decision to take the helm of the Spiders program takes only second-billing. The former Loyola offensive coordinator walks into a situation that is, at best, tense at Richmond with folks still steaming over the university's decision to cut programs in order to add men's lacrosse.

Math-ish Stuff
When your eyes start to cross as you read this stuff, just imagine a kitty cat in a World War II pilots' helmet and goggles, sitting in the cockpit and meowing, in kitty cat, "Open the bomb bay doors!"

Et Cetera
Because good times don't always need to fit into categories, college boy.