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NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Selection Sunday Open Thread: Six Teams for Two Slots?

Who will commit damage to private property in Baltimore in three weeks?  via <a href=""></a>
Who will commit damage to private property in Baltimore in three weeks? via

This is it, boys and girls. 

We're finally at SeLAXion Sunday, a day of reverence in many locales along the eastern seaboard. Lacrosse sticks will be sacrificed to the five-man lacrosse tournament selection committee holed up in an undisclosed location, sustained by Chinese food and with RPI numbers dancing in their heads.

As it stands rightthisverysecond, there appears to be two spots available for six teams.  That's a tight fit, son.  Inside Lacrosse's Terry Foy thinks that the tournament field will shake out as so.  Patrick Stevens of The Washington Times thinks that the tournament field will shake out like this

Whatever.  We're getting a 16-team field in just under an hour. All I know is that Wagner isn't included in anyone's projections, which tells me that the world doesn't have a sense of humor.

Brian Harrison is going to be along to provide running commentary on the selection show.  You can read his words written on the Internet through his Internet machine just after the jump.  Otherwise, the comments are open for your scholarly insights into worm-hole theory and the constructed tournament field.

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Away we go!

Good evening folks. It's about 8:30pm EST, and in a little less than 30 minutes we'll be breaking down the NCAA Tournament Selection Show on ESPN U. Follow me @BH_Orange44 on Twitter as I'll not only be updating this page with info and selections, but I'll be live tweeting thoughts as well. Be sure to use the hashtag #CC as well. Interact with me and leave your comments below. I'll be back when the show starts.

To recap who is definitely in via Automatic Bids. Hartford, Delaware, Denver, Cornell, Siena, and Bucknell.

9:04: Syracuse is announced as the #1 seed. They will play Siena. They will play in the Carrier Dome Sunday May 15 at 7:30 on ESPN U. This is no surprise as Syracuse usually plays the last game of the opening weekend due to SU's graduation in the Carrier Dome. Siena makes sense as the winner of an automatic bid and the closest team to the Orange.

9:06: North Carolina is the #8 seed. They will play Maryland at 1:00pm on May 15 on ESPN. An ACC conference game . Maryland lost to UNC earlier in the season but won in the ACC Tournament.

9:09: Notre Dame is the #4 seed and playing Penn in South Bend. Penn getting in from the Ivy League. They will play May 14th at 2:30 on ESPN U. Penn is a big time bubble team that is squeaking in. They are 8-6 with the #15 RPI and the #5 SOS.

9:12: Duke is the 5 seed playing Delaware on May 14th at 5:00pm on ESPN U. The Blue Hens with Duke is an interesting match up. Delaware the CAA Champion over UMass.

9:16: Cornell is the #2 seed. They will be playing Hartford (first time in NCAA) from Ithaca at 7:30 on ESPN U Saturday May 14th. Cornell should easily handle Hartford as Rob Pannell should have a field day en route to the next round.

9:19: Virginia is the 7 seed playing Bucknell (Patriot League Champion) at 3:00pm on ESPN U May 15th. Despite slamming Penn, Virginia is not the same without the Bratton brothers. I'm a little surprised Virginia remained seeded. They do have the #5 RPI and a top 5 SOS however.

9:21: Johns Hopkins is the 3 seed, playing Hofstra, a 13-2 team. That game will be Saturday the 14th at noon on ESPN 2. Hofstra with a decent RPI at 11, but a 40 SOS. They did not play any top 10 teams in the RPI this season. Two tough defenses.

9:23: ECAC winner Denver is the 6 seed playing Villanova at 5:15 on ESPN U Sunday May 15th. They'll be taking the flight. VIllanova takes that final at large spot with their 11-4 record, 8 SOS, and 9 RPI. That makes 3 Big East teams in the Tournament. 2/3 seeded.

Teams that missed out this season on the bubble: Colgate, UMass, Harvard, Loyola, Stony Brook.

Stony Brook with the #13 RPI and #39 SOS, despite having a 10-4 record, fails to get in over Penn. Penn was 8-6 from the Ivy League, but the committee clearly valued their SOS at #5 more, and their #15 RPI. Even though RPI is stupid person math.

Officially, Syracuse will advance to Foxboro if they beat Siena for the second round to play the winner of #8 UNC / Maryland. We'll post more as it becomes available.

Foxboro games will be 12:00 and 2:30 on Sunday the 22nd. Saturday games will be at the same time in Hempstead, NY.

Get your official College Crosse 2011 NCAA Tournament Bracket right here, courtesy of Matt Glaude.

Thanks for joining me as we checked out the NCAA Selection Show and the unveiling of this year's bracket. I, as well as the rest of the College Crosse staff will be back tomorrow and the rest of the week gearing you up for the first round of this tournament. We'll have game previews, player profiles, and tons of other information so you sound smart when it comes to talking about these games. And feel free to keep leaving your comments below.