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NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Bubble: Who are Your Last Selections?

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What a difference a few days make, no?

There was all kinds of wackiness since Friday afternoon.  Harvard upended Pennsylvania up in Ithaca in the Ivy League Tournament semifinals, 12-8.  The win bolsters the Crimson's NCAA Tournament resume with a top-15 RPI victory.  Pennsylvania, with the loss, moves from a likely "in" position to arguably a "squarely in question" position.

Colgate, yesterday, pulled out a ballsy victory down in College Park, knocking off Maryland 10-8.  The Raiders were paced by Peter Baum's two-goal, one-assist performance.  The win gives Colgate a notable RPI top-20 win, something the Raiders desperately needed entering SeLAXion Sunday.

And, in the biggest shocker of the weekend, Hartford walked into Stony Brook and stole the America East automatic bid with a last-second victory over the Seawolves.  Stony Brook, they of a 9-4 record and an RPI ranking of about 12, nows enters the bubble situation with grave concern.  The Seawolves don't have any big RPI victories and their RPI strength of schedule is only about 23rd.

Despite all this, however, there hasn't been too much movement among the projected brackets.  Patrick Stevens' projection shows some seeding movement, but the field participants haven't changed a ton since Friday.  Terry Foy's bracket is somewhat similarly static, again only updating for Hartford and Delaware's inclusion in the field.

As of right now, these are your likely seeded teams:

  • Syracuse
  • Cornell
  • Johns Hopkins
  • Notre Dame
  • Duke
  • Virginia

The following are likely teams that are on the seeded/unseeded line:

  • Maryland
  • North Carolina
  • Denver

Your likely unseeded teams that are or are going to be "in" are:

  • Villanova
  • Hartford
  • Bucknell
  • Delaware
  • MAAC automatic qualifier

When you add it up, that leaves two spots for the following six teams:

  • Hofstra
  • Pennsylvania
  • Harvard
  • Colgate
  • Stony Brook
  • Massachusetts

So, who are the three teams that you'd take out of that bunch?  Personally, I'd take Hofstra and Harvard, but what the hell do I know?  Leave your bon mots in the comments below.