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Put Your Feet Up: Lacrosse Schedule for May 4, 2011

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Attention America East and THUNDERDOME!: Your seats at the front table are ready.

Here comes the insanity, boys and girls.  Tonight kicks off the meat of the conference tournament season.  Out in Happy Valley, Massachusetts hopes to ride the chill waves from its destruction of Delaware last weekend.  The Nittany Lions, contrastingly, are going back to the drawing board to try and figure out how Hofstra curb-stomped them on Saturday.  Penn State won the prior meeting in Amherst by only a goal and the Minutemen are poised for revenge.

Delaware, on life support and asking its nurse for their last cheeseburger before they visit the great drive-thru in the sky, heads to Hempstead to take on arguably the hottest team in the nation -- Hofstra.  The Blue Hens pulled a surprising upset in the rivalry's last iteration, defeating The Pride in Delaware, 7-6.  If Hofstra wants to assure itself of an NCAA invitation, a win tonight is in the "Yeah, we should do that" category.

The America East Tournament shouldn't provide any surprises (RUMOR: the trophy already has Stony Brook's logo inscribed on it), but the action should be kind of competitive.  UMBC travels to Hartford to try and extend a season that started miserably but has moved in the right direction.  These two teams met just last week in West Hartford, with the Hawks pulling out a 10-6 victory.

Finally, Kevin "Combustion" Crowley and Associates look to drop Fat Mans and Little Boys all over Binghamton.  The Bearcats have put together an admirable year given the nonsense that has floated around the program all season. 

Here's the run for the evening:

MAY 4, 2011
Penn State Massachusetts 7:00 2.9648 3
Delaware Hofstra 7:00 3.8841 2
UMBC Hartford 7:00 1.9611 4
Binghamton Stony Brook 7:00 4.0742 1

Leave your comments about the games or anything else (QUERY: America East, Colonial . . . aren't these just conferences that hate taxes on tea?) in the comments below.