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Laxurday Internet Talking Interface: April 9, 2011

Question: Can Mercer beat Presbyterian today?
Answer: I don't care.
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Question: Can Mercer beat Presbyterian today? Answer: I don't care. via

There are 28 games today.  Twenty-F'ing-Eight!  92 percent of Division I is in action somewhere around the country on this beautiful Saturday in April.  That's a whole bunch of lacrosse happening, and it means that if you're watching The Masters you're probably wasting your life.

Right off the bat we have those titillating "Fun Factor" games.  They're like an aphrodisiac, arousing your attraction to the game.

And there's other super cool games going on, too!  For example:

  • Can Mercer lock-up its first win against Division I competition with a victory over Presbyterian?  (HINT: No way.  But maybe.  C'mon, I'm messing with you.  Or am I?)
  • Will Holy Cross play itself out of "Reverse Survivor" with a win againstLafayette? (HINT: If they do, should Lafayette commit seppuku or something?)
  • Can Wagner beat . . . yeah, you know how this story ends.
  • Massachusetts-Towson: I know that Towson are the "Tigers," but for this week they're the "Custers" because this is probably their last stand.
  • Fairfield-Loyola: Sneaky interesting ECAC game down in Baltimore.  The Stags lead the 'Hounds by a game in the loss column.  After Loyola took care of Ohio State last week, losing to Fairfield would be a little disappointing.
  • Drexel-Penn State: A THUNDERDOME! special.  Scott Perri is starting to lose his anonymity.  A Dragons win out in State College would thrust him closer to the spotlight.

You can check out the full slate of games right here.  (Click the link, dummy.)  Folks will be around for most of the day shooting the breeze so leave your bon mots in the comments below.