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Midseason Report--Say What!

No Love for Scott Perri-Bye Hater!
No Love for Scott Perri-Bye Hater!

Just some mid day thoughts here on College Crosse.  As I read over Inside Lacrosse's Midseason Report: First- and Second-Team All-Americans Thus Far I had a few questions, like every good fan. 

I will just throw out a few names that should be on either of the lists (first or second team) and give my reasoning and thoughts.  I'd love to hear from all of you as well about the list and about my players left off and what not.

I think this first one is obvious, but how the heck is Zach Howell not on either list!!?  We are talking about the backbone, the catalyst of the Duke Blue Devil offense.  Howell has 39 points on the year, one less than ACC leader and first teamer Steele Stanwick.  Howell has 29 goals, nine more than teamatte and second teamer Jordan Wolf.

Zach Howell: A, Sr. 29 goals, 10 assists, 39 points

Jordan Wolf: A, Fr. 20 g, 12 a, 32 pts

Howell is sixth in the country, the entire country in points.  We all saw what he did on Sunday against Syracuse.  The guy is lethal.  He is a game changer. 

One last thing, Wolf is NOTHING without Howell.  That isnt a knock against Wolf, he just isnt ready yet as a freshman.  In the words of Jim Boeheim, Duke wouldnt win 10 f*&#ing games without Howell--those younger guys just arent ready yet.  (I understand Duke only has 8 wins, but you get my point). 

Lets talk about Scott Perri out of Drexel, whose 43 points (26 g, 17 a) place him as the third leading point scorer in the country.  This guy deserves credit.  Yes Drexel is 5-5 and they play in the C.A.A. ( or should I say the "Thunderdome").  A five point game against Virginia, a seven point game against Villanova, and a four point game most recently against Deleware. 

Sure, he was slowed (not shut) down against strong defense's like Notre Dame and Hofstra, but again, Perri is the leader of that offense.  He brings senior leadership game in and game out.  Big conference games against Penn St., UMass and Towson will give Perri a chance to shut up all the haters and carry his team into the C.A.A. playoffs where I give Drexel and outside chance to knock off Hofstra.  Lets compare second teamer Dean Gibbons to Mr. Perri...You give me your opinions

Scott Perri: A, Sr, 26 goals, 17 assists, 43 pts

Dean Gibbons: A, Sr, 20 g, 12 a, 32 pts