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Weekend Internet Talking Interface: April 2 and 3, 2011

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That is a picture of a pissed off bear.  It's a metaphor about being pissed off, and being a bear.  I think it's very important in times like these.

Anyway, there are huge games going on all over the place this weekend.  There's the "Fun Factors" games, of course, which should be just delightful.  There's also a huge slate of other interesting throwdowns happening:

  • Brown-Princeton: With Jack McBride on the shelf for the rest of the season, can the Bears beat the Tigers?  (SPOILER: I don't know, but this game is bound to be ugly.)
  • Penn State-Lehigh: This should be pretty competitive, but it isn't going to have a lot of spiciness.  Don't sleep on Lehigh in the Patriot.  They won't win the league, but they're this year's Lafayette.
  • Massachusetts-St. Joseph's: Can the Hawks notch their first win? (SPOILER: Nope.)
  • Holy Cross-Bucknell: Can the Crusaders notch their first win?  (SPOILER: Hell no.)
  • Wagner-Whoever: Blah blah blah blah? (SPOILER: For real? You're asking me this question?)

Ignore the sunlight, get your ass in front of the computer, and leave your nonsense in the comments below.