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Fall 2013 Top 20

Fall Ball Top 20: Syracuse (3)

The Orange are on the hunt for their 12th national title.

Fall Ball Top 20: Princeton (4)

The newest faces for the Tigers this season are on the coaching staff.

Fall Ball Top 20: Notre Dame (5)

The Irish were in the Great Western Lacrosse League in 2009. They'll join the ACC this spring.

Fall Ball Top 20: Virginia (6)

I don't think anybody knows what the Cavaliers are right now.

Fall Ball Top 20: Denver (7)

There are four rules that I live by: Never get less than 12 hours sleep; never play cards with a guy who has the same first name as a city; never get involved with a woman with a tattoo on her body; and never bet against Bill Tierney.

Fall Ball Top 20: Yale (8)

Handsome Dan is kind of full of himself. He's Midly Attractive Dan at best.

Fall Ball Top 20: Penn State (9)

Jeff Tambroni is entering his fourth season at Penn State. The tide is turning in his favor.

Fall Ball Top 20: Ohio State (10)

Will the Buckeyes build off of an important 2013 season?

Fall Ball Top 20: Bucknell (11)

The Herd are quietly stalking the nation as a competitor.

Fall Ball Top 20: Maryland (12)

The home of the nation's best recruiting class is going to count on those freshman in 2014.

Fall Ball Top 20: Pennsylvania (13)

The Quakers could be undervalued going into 2014.

Fall Ball Top 20: Johns Hopkins (14)

It's an important season of transition for the Jays.

Fall Ball Top 20: Albany (15)

The Thompson Trio returns . . . with extreme prejudice!

Fall Ball Top 20: Drexel (16)

Is this the year for the Dragons to make a big move?

Fall Ball Top 20: Loyola (17)

The 'Hounds could be a top 10 team. They could also be a drive from that destination.

Fall Ball Top 20: St. John's (18)

The Johnnies may have the best attack in the nation in 2014.