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Every new college lacrosse program starting in 2020

These schools are officially lacrosse schools.

COLLEGE LACROSSE: APR 27 Yale at Harvard Photo by M. Anthony Nesmith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

One of my favorite annual posts is finding out which schools are adding lacrosse for the upcoming season. We all know the Division I programs starting up, but there’s also plenty of schools at the other levels.

This year, institutions from Division I all the way down to the NAIA are getting set to begin a new era with the addition of at least one lacrosse team to their list of sponsored athletic programs. Let’s see who’ll we’ll be welcoming this year (h/t The Growth Blog).

2020 New College Lacrosse Programs

School Name State Gender League/Division
School Name State Gender League/Division
University of Akron Ohio Women's Division I
Caldwell University New Jersey Men's Division II
Davenport University Michigan Men's Division II
Lewis University Illinois Men's Division II
Lander University South Carolina Men's and Women's DIvision II
Quincy University Illinois Men's and Women's Division II
Ashland University Ohio Women's Division II
Lynn University Florida Women's Division II
The College of Saint Rose New York Women's Division II
Upper Iowa University Iowa Women's Division II
Allegheny College Pennsylvania Men's Division III
Illinois Tech Illinois Men's Division III
LaGrange College Georgia Men's Division III
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts Massachusetts Men's Division III
University of Saint Joseph Connecticut Men's Division III
Cal Lutheran University California Women's Division III
Clark University Massachusetts Women's Division III
Eastern Mennonite University Virginia Women's Division III
Mount Aloysius College Pennsylvania Women's Division III
University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Wisconsin Women's Division III
SUNY New Paltz New York Men's Division III
Midland University Nebraska Men's NAIA
Morningside College Iowa Men's and Women's NAIA
William Penn University Iowa Men's and Women's NAIA
Culver-Stockton College Missouri Women's NAIA
Taylor University Indiana Women's NAIA
h/t The Growth Blog

Here were some interesting stats:

  • 14 of the 26 schools fielding programs are starting men’s teams, with 10 of those 14 solely starting men’s teams.
  • 16 of the 26 schools fielding programs are starting women’s teams, with 12 of those 16 solely starting women’s teams.
  • Four schools are fielding both men’s and women’s teams.
  • Divisions II and III have 11 new programs beginning in 2019. The NAIA has seven and Division I only has one.
  • In the next two years, three Division I schools will be adding women’s lacrosse. Youngstown State is starting their program in 2021, while Eastern Michigan and Pittsburgh will begin in 2022. The MAC will begin to sponsor women’s lacrosse in 2021. It also looks like Charlotte will be adding women’s lacrosse in the very near future, although an official announcement has yet to be released.
  • There are no Division I men’s programs being added in the near future.
  • This year in Division I, there will be 75 men’s teams (LIU and Merrimack are moving up from Division II) and 118 women’s teams (Akron is new, while Merrimack is moving up from Division II). Division II will have 73 men’s teams and 112 women’s teams. Division III will have 248 men’s teams and 295 women’s teams.
  • In total, there are 396 total men’s NCAA teams and 525 total women’s NCAA teams for a total of 921 programs.

30 total programs join the college lacrosse ranks in 2020, the same number as last year. Not a surprise, but the smaller schools are growing rapidly. Only one Division I school is starting a new program this year.

As I mentioned above, there hasn’t been a Division I school that has announced plans to start a men’s lacrosse program. There’ll be 75 this season and probably next year. As for 2022 and the next few years after that, we have no clue. There’s plenty of hurdles to overcome to add more D1 men’s programs, such as Title IX and the cost of starting and maintaining a program.