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COLLEGE CROSSECAST Ep. 129: Virginia is BACK. No really, they won the NCAA Lacrosse Championship.

Virginia wins their 6th NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championship, Maryland wins their 14th NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Championship, and we break down how they won them.

Matt Dewkett

The 2019 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament has come and gone. Virginia’s gone ahead and won a national title, so did the Maryland women, and Merrimack and Cabrini have some hardware to bring home too. Now all that’s left is to break down how it happened. Lucky for you, it’s time for a new COLLEGE CROSSECAST.

Safe and I look back at the national title game between Virginia and Yale (2:45) and take stock in where both programs stand after this season (23:23). We sprinkle in a few of my thoughts on Penn State’s season (49:55) as I wasn’t on the last episode to give them, before moving on to Maryland’s textbook weekend in Baltimore to take the NCAA Women’s title (56:38) in a segment Jake will hold dear to his heart forever. We then touch upon the D-2 and D-3 title games (1:06:21) as well as Safe’s observations from Philadelphia (1:09:30) and their hosting duties.

There’s plenty of ways to listen to this and every episode of the CROSSECAST. Click play in the player below, head over to Podomatic, subscribe on iTunes and Google Play, or follow along on Spotify. Have questions for our mailbag for our Season in Review podcast that will be coming next? Tweet us @College_Crosse.