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College Crosse 2019 NCAA Tournament: Sights & Sounds From Media Day & Final Four Previews

‘Twas the day before the Final Four.

89th MLB All-Star Game, presented by Mastercard Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

The games are tomorrow but today was Media Day for the NCAA Tournament. I was in attendance and took a lot of pics and videos. I hope you enjoy the content.

Final Four Previews

Before we get started, I just wanted to share a couple posts with you that went up today. First and foremost, you need to read Chris’ Final Weekend Preview.

After a wild quarterfinal weekend with three overtime games, we only three more men’s Division I lacrosse games left to play. And they’ll all be held in the cheesesteak capital of the world, Philadelphia. Safe and I will be down for the grand finale of the college lacrosse season (I might be doing other things as well). Four great teams, three more games, two winners on Saturday, one national champion. And you can catch all the action on ESPN2! We’ll have individual team previews as well as matchup previews based on the schedule of the semifinals.

After you are done reading Chris’ post, make sure to give our latest Crossecast with Ryan & Jake a listen as they breakdown tomorrow’s games.


The Cavs were the first team out on the field today.

Is head coach Lars Tiffany the fittest man in America? I don’t know for sure, but he’d get my vote. Here’s a clip of him warming up with his boys.

Here’s a clip of the boys in action.

Here’s a clip of them walking off the field.

Penn State

Next up was the Mighty Mighty Nittany Lions!

Here’s a clip of the boys lighting up the net.

Coach Tambroni holding it down in an interview.


The third team to take the field today was Duke.

Looking good, coach Danowski.

Fire away!

The Blue Devils look relaxed and ready to go.


The last team on the field today was the defending champs, Yale.

The eye in the sky is always watching.

I got a follow-up post coming up in a few minutes, but until then here’s a preview.

Random Pics & Videos

Attention! No lacrosse balls at the Linc tomorrow.


SOURCES CONFIRM! Eagles did in fact win the Super Bowl.

FANFEST is almost game ready.

Shout out to our great hosts, Drexel.